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Global Business Visionary and Leader & Co-Founder and CEO, Endeavor
Named one of "America's Best Leaders" by U.S. News and one of TIME's 100 "Innovators for the 21st century," New York Times bestselling Linda...
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Author and Social Media Expert
Latest Review
I have attended a lot of training sessions over the years and this was, by far, the most engaging, educational session I have attended. Thank you ...
9 Reviews · 17 Videos
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Chief Economic Advisor: World Economic Forum, The world’s leading expert on competitiveness, Director of the Global Competitiveness Index
Latest Review
Xavier Sala-i-Martin fills with color the world of economics, making it truly accessible to anyone. He offers insights about growth in a simple, ...
4 Reviews · 2 Videos
Metrics Based Innovation Pioneer, Management Guru, Innovation Enabler
Latest Review
Dr. Lynn's work in metric-based innovation dispels many assumptions about how it's achieved. He should be made the benevolent dictator for all ...
8 Reviews · 6 Videos
New Jersey  
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Political Columnist for Townhall Finance, Founder of FLAG and Cancer Survivor
Latest Review
Adams' conservative insight is invaluable and irresistible.
2 Reviews · 3 Videos
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President of Key Performance, Author of Happiness is a Habit, Happiness and Performance Expert
Latest Review
Michele's message of how to cope in good and challenging times fit right in with the theme of our sales conference. She shared methods, coping ...
6 Reviews · 3 Videos
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Educator, Catalyst for Change, Author and Keynote Speaker
Latest Review
My team was amazed by how much they learned. What made the session great was your connection, energy and focus on the audience. You know it is a ...
10 Reviews · 4 Videos
Author, Adversity Champion, ED and Body Image Authority
Latest Review
Angela engaged over 250 students in the Gallatin, TN Shalom Zone Career Development program. The program was sponsored by the GAP Foundation. The ...
10 Reviews · 3 Videos
A Leading Authority on Energizing, Motivating and Inspiring Employees to Peak Performance
Latest Review
Bob Nelson was easy to listen to. He gave us a 'starter kit' of practical ideas to take forward with little cost to the organization. I ...
3 Reviews · 4 Videos
Keynote Speaker. #FearBOSS. Improv Nerd. Hip Hop Junkie.
Latest Review
Judi Holler's keynote was like a strong cup of coffee and a day at the spa all in one - both invigorating to the psyche and refreshing to the ...
6 Reviews · 2 Videos
The Traveling Twain of the 21st Century
Latest Review
Legendary customer service starts when your customers are your prospects, and George shows you how to start relationships right. George shows you ...
3 Reviews
Terri Sjodin is the Principal and Founder of Sjodin Communications
Latest Review
…you do an excellent job teaching and motivating the seminar participants. Your energy level is infectious but, most importantly, your honest ...
6 Reviews · 8 Videos
Founder of The Dyslexia Educational Network
Latest Review
One of the most poignant moments of the presentation was your heartfelt thank you to the audience for all they do for children and students with ...
7 Reviews
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Pioneering Thinker, NYT's Bestselling author
Latest Review
Excellent! You were inspiring and we've had so many great comments about your talk. Thanks so much for being a part of our celebration.
7 Reviews · 2 Videos
Educational Consultant, Classroom Teacher, Motivational Speaker
Latest Review
I'm so glad my staff heard Monica speak. She is literally who I want all of my teachers to strive to be. I wish my own kids could have her as a ...
16 Reviews · 7 Videos
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CEO, Consultant and Entrepreuer Creates Breakthroughs in Performance
Joe's life and work have been featured in the Wall Street Journal. His career as a banker, entrepreneur, and CEO or general manager of three...
1 Video
Influence, Story-Telling and Engagement
Latest Review
You've provided us with the storytelling tools for more interesting and engaging conversations. Our team walked away from the session motivated ...
9 Reviews · 12 Videos
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Elite athlete-performer-speaker-individual
Corporate business, community clubs/associations, young school aged adults and of course athletic bodies make up the width and breadth of public...
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Latest Review
Creating a culture that fosters emotional intelligence and promotes overall wellness is critical to the success of any organization. Tessa Todd ...
9 Reviews · 3 Videos
Award Winning Entrepreneur and ABC News' Money Matters Contributor
Andre Taylor is an award-winning entrepreneur, strategic thinker, dynamic speaker, and media personality. He's the author of a series of books,...
7 Videos
New York  
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Global Thought Leader Opening Minds to What's Next
Latest Review
I can always count on Jack to deliver a presentation that is inspiring, informative and relevant and he always seems to raise the bar with each ...
8 Reviews · 9 Videos