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Scott Hunter

Corporate Trainer Specializing in Workplace Relationships

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Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter's keynotes and coaching have been transforming organizations for two decades. A graduate of The City University of New York and The George Washington University School of Law, Scott has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 35 years. He was also an adjunct professor at Western State University College of Law, where he taught courses on the principles of business and personal success.

Since the late 1970s, Scott Hunter has been researching what it takes for people to produce extraordinary results in their personal lives and careers. Through his studies, Scott realized that the ability to create rich, meaningful, quality relationships is key to accomplishment and just about everything else a person wants in life. Until people know how to create such relationships, they cannot fully achieve their goals, including their business goals.

This insight led Scott to apply what he learned about relationships to his work in the business arena. In the last 13 years, Scott Hunter has conducted over 100 corporate retreats for groups as small as 2 and as large as 44, consistently producing breakthroughs in the participants' relationships with each other. This has predictably produced dramatic shifts in the company's level of accomplishment and has been key to making work work.

As a consultant and coach, he has worked with over 150 corporate clients in working arrangements lasting just a weekend to as long as 10 years. As a speaker, Scott has delivered over 1000 speeches. He has the rare ability to touch people's hearts - and turn those emotions into practical action; to rattle cages and challenge the status quo - then provide a roadmap for audiences to follow; to discuss broad life values - and connect them to work-related values. Business leaders turn to Scott when they are looking for breakthroughs in enthusiasm, productivity, and profitability.

Scott Hunter is the founder and CEO of The Hunter Partnership Alliance, a team of individuals committed to providing organizations with unique tools, strategies, and resources for the development of extraordinary relationships and teamwork in the workplace.

Regardless of how wonderful a company's products or services might be, if the interpersonal relationships within the company are dysfunctional, the whole system simply won't work. Why? Because personality conflicts, power struggles, people not feeling appreciated or understood, turnover, ineffective sales, and breakdowns in customer service all negatively impact the bottom line of a company, as well as robbing people of the aliveness they want at work.

Scott Hunter's 20 years as a corporate coach have focused on precisely the behind-the-scenes issues and paradigms that really allow work to work. His keynotes reveal and explore these issues and paradigms.

People are absolutely amazed when they hear his presentations! Your attendees, too, will gain insights that will have an immediate impact in their companies and in all of their relationships.

Programs include:
Programs include:

- Relationship is the KEY!

- Yes, we have to work together, but does it have to be so painful?

Scott Hunter
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Scott Hunter

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