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Making waves in dry nations: Scott Harrison
First, a life purpose After working for a decade as a nightclub promoter in New York City, Scott Harrison discovered that the pleasures afforded by his lifestyle concealed a deeper lack of meaning. "I made my living getting other people wasted,"; he tellsThe CEO Magazine. "Rarely sober myself, I woke up one day and realised I was spiritually ...
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Scott Harrison: How I helped bring millions of people clean water with charity: water
Scott Harrison was in his late twenties, living and partying in New York City as a nightclub promoter when he came to the halting realization that he was creating "perhaps the most meaningless legacy a person could leave."; He sold his things, packed his bags, and moved to Liberia on a humanitarian mission, discovering a world in which people dr...
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How Charity: Water Uses Data To Connect Donors And The People They're Helping
The clean-water organization is pioneering new forms of accountability for their projects. BYBEN PAYNTER Most philanthropic galas are designed to celebrate the year's accomplishments and generate a new round of donations. But for Charity: Water's annual Charity: Ball last December, CEO Scott Harrison had something unique planned. "There ...
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Seat Of Power Episode 8: Scott Harrison's Fight For Clean Water Around The World
Seat of Poweris a Periscope series featuring influential leaders of social change. Follow along: #SeatofPower. Scott Harrison's personal story is unlike many others. Now, you may know him as the founder and CEO ofcharity: water, a non-profit organization that aims to bring clean water to people around the globe. Back when he was 18 years old,...
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