Scott Bloom

Scott Bloom, Funny, Humor emcee, host, event host, master of ceremonies, NSB Scott Bloom, Funny, Humor emcee, host, event host, master of ceremonies, NSB

Scott Bloom Speech Topics

Keynone: Laugh. Learn. CONNECT. Repeat.
The Art of Building Powerful Connections that Grow Your Business As a comedic keynote, author, and personal growth advocate, Scott draws from his professional and personal world to deliver a hilarious and insightful talk that illustrates the importance of building strong relationships with...
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The Power of Laughter. The Language of Business.
A professional conference emcee, Scott has been hosting live conferences and events for the Fortune 1000 for decades. Principally known for delivering business humor, his success has been built on the power of laughter and the language of business. And more importantly, it’s been driven by making...
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Audience Warm-up Segments
Each morning Scott will begin by welcoming the attendees to the general session and then proceed to warm-up the audience (similar to warming up a television audience before a taping). Scott will open with a short comedic monologue and then segue into one of several interactive trivia games, such...
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Interactive Comedy Segments
Scott will work in his interactive comedy routines at strategic points throughout the general session (i.e., after coffee breaks, lunch breaks or wherever comic relief is needed). His hilarious “Psychic Routine” (see videotape) is just one example of the many comedy pieces he will perform...
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Conference Emcee
A professional emcee who has hosted hundreds of corporate events, Scott can custom tailor his unique brand of showmanship to meet your needs. Whether opening the general session - introducing executives - staging audience participation segments - moderating leadership discussions – or delivering...
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Awards Host
As Master of Ceremonies, Scott’s the quintessential, silver-tongued host who can lift the significance of the honor and broaden a winner’s smile! He’s a master of the mic with all the right stuff— moments of improv brilliance, creativity and charm. He can make winner’s feel extraordinarily...
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The One-on-One Interview / Panel Moderator
What do John Travolta, Andre Agassi and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak have in common? All three of these celebrity keynotes sat down with Scott at a live event to share their personal accomplishments, career highlights and life strategies. Scott is brilliant at drawing them out while drawing...
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Virtual Presentations / Emcee
We all know the benefits of virtual meetings. They’re efficient and productive. They’re convenient and immediate. They offer worldwide access and opportunity. But did we know that this powerful tool can be made exponentially more robust? They can. And should. A virtual event comprised of only...
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