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Ryan Leak

Inspiring Workplace Cultures Rooted in Values, Passion and Risk-Taking

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Ryan Leak
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Leveling Up

When it comes to the energy we give to our careers, there are levels to it. Most people find themselves coasting and doing what they have to do to survive not realizing there’s a life they could live where they get to do everything and can actually thrive. Leveling Up is a keynote designed to help audiences have the life and career they’ve always wanted through the art of asking the right questions.

These are questions stemming from Ryan Leak’s Wall Street Journal Best-Selling book Leveling Up: 12 Questions to Elevate Your Personal and Professional Development. Some of those key questions are: 

The Self-Awareness Question: What’s it like to be on the other side of me? 

The Vision Question: What’s my definition of success? 

The Team Player Question: What credit can I give away? 

The Focus Question: What has the most of my attention?

You may not be responsible for the level you are at today, but you are responsible for the level you go to tomorrow. 

7 Tools to Help You Lead Yourself Better & Inspire Others

Have you ever wondered, “What’s it like for people to be led by me?” When someone is hired to be a leader in an organization, what often doesn’t come with the gig is a leader… for the leader. One of the biggest hurdles leaders face is not actually leading people but leading themselves. Most leaders are often given titles with very little vision. They’re often given expectations with very little direction. The old saying rings true. It’s lonely at the top. Leaders desperately need a go-to strategy and system they can rely on when they feel like they’ve got no one in their corner to guide them.

Through his consulting work, Ryan Leak has been guiding 15,000+ C-Suite leaders every year through 7 key steps toward better self-leadership that leads to better people and organizational leadership.

Key Takeaways
• What’s it like to follow me? (The Self-awareness Question)
• What credit can I give away? (The Team Player Question)
• What mistakes can I own? (The Humility Question)
• How can I get better? (The Self-improvement Question)
• Why am I doing it? (The Purpose Question)
• Who am I equipping for the future? (The Legacy/Succession Question)
• Who knows who I really am? (The Transparency Question)

What Our Goals Require Most is the Bravery to Fail

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Chasing Failure is all about having a vision for a dream, a goal, a mission, and knowing that the road will be paved with failure, but still proceeding with conviction and passion. This is what sets those who succeed beyond measure, from those who simply exist. The fear of failure will keep you inside a box, stall innovation, and make sure you hesitate anytime you even think about taking a risk that could help you achieve goals beyond your wildest dreams. As leadership expert Ryan Leak shares, you don’t actually have to get over the fear. Just do it scared and take really good notes.

When you’re Chasing Failure, you’re either going to win or you’re going to learn. Hopefully, both will happen. Ryan shares the blueprint for success by giving you an approach to see what the predictable failures might be, so you can circumvent those more easily, or deal with them more effectively when they arise.

• How chasing failure will take you further than chasing success.
• A roadmap to the discipline needed to succeed through failure.
• Understanding how to become today who you intend to be tomorrow.

How to Be The CEO of Your Own Development

One of the greatest mistakes someone can make in the 21st-century workplace is expecting someone else to be responsible for their professional and personal development. It’d be ideal if everyone had the opportunity to work under incredible leadership, but how often do we get ideal? What do you do when you don’t have a mentor to show you the way? You have to get good at self-leadership. In Ryan Leak’s Keynote, How to Be The CEO of Your Own Development, he outlines eight questions that help every person lead themselves and own their growth. You may not be the CEO of the company, but you can be the CEO of your own development.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are more important now than ever before. And here’s why: Only 50% of the U.S. population under the age of 18 is caucasian. The data tells us by 2045, that will be the case for all ages. The future of your organization is a lot more diverse whether you prefer it that way or not. In light of your future customer base and your human resources, diversity, equity, and inclusion are conversations you desperately need to have a great understanding of. It can’t be something that’s simply on paper. It can’t be something of just hiring more people of color. It’s one thing to give a person of color a job. It’s another thing to give them a voice of influence at a decision-making table.

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