VELOCITY - How to Achieve Big Results FAST

Ruben Gonzalez
December 02, 2011

Ruben Gonzalez

Incredible Olympic Story - Business Author - Award Winning Speaker

1.    Create a crystal clear image of what you want to accomplish.

2.    Find a mentor who believes in you, who will support you, and who will push you toward your dream.

3.    Focus on your strengths. Find an arena you are suited to play in, have the courage to get started, have the courage to not quit, and decide you will give it all you’ve got for as long as it takes to get the job done.

4.    Burning desire creates the power to succeed. Develop a passionate desire for your purpose. How badly you want it to happen will determine if you do make it happen.

5.    Constantly ask yourself, “What is the number one thing I could do in the next 15 minutes to get me closer to my goal?” Then do it right away.

6.    Don’t neglect the details. Excellence comes from taking care of the details.

7.    Take full responsibility for your results. Don’t blame, whine, complain, or make excuses.

8.    Be willing to pay the price of success. No pain no gain.

9.     Act in spite of your fear. No guts no glory.

10.     Whenever in doubt, go with the bolder choice.

11.     Celebrate every small victory.
12.     If you’re not failing you are playing too safe and you are not growing. To succeed faster, double your failure rate.

13.     Bite off more than you can chew.

14.     Write down your goals every day before you turn on your computer. It takes less than two minutes and helps you start off the day in a more purposeful, focused manner. Doing this will make you more productive than 95% of people in the world.

15.     Hang out with people who have goals and dreams similar to yours. Avoid negative people like the plague.

16.     Focus on your goals, not on your obstacles.

17.     If you want to win big. Be willing to lose big.

18.     Get excited. If you are not excited about your dream, don’t expect others to get excited about your dream.

19.     Don’t listen to the naysayers in your life. “Impossible” is just the opinion of somebody who does not believe as much as you do.

20.     Associate with big thinkers. Big people don’t laugh at big ideas.

21.     Success is all about guts and vision. Knowing what you want, and   having the guts to go after it.

22.     As long as you don’t quit, you’ve still got a chance. Don’t quit.

23.     Commitment creates opportunity. Stop talking and start doing. Think less and act more.

24.     Don’t be a perfectionist. Done is better than perfect. Just throw mud on the wall. You can always clean the mess up later. Massive action gets the job done.

25.     Believe that there is an opportunity in every challenge. Your job is to find the opportunity and to take advantage of it.

26.     Fear is a smokescreen. Act in spite of your fear and the fear will disappear.

27.     “If you’re going through hell…keep going!” – Winston Churchill

28.     “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” – General George Patton

29.     Successful people always talk about and think about what they want to happen. Unsuccessful people always talk about and think about what they don’t want to happen. You attract what you talk about. What are you talking about?

30.     You’re not finished when you are defeated. You are only finished when you quit.

31.     The greatest predictor of future success is how driven and passionate you are to realize your dream. Passion is much more important than talent.

32.     Focus on doing things that will improve your odds of winning. It’s all about improving your odds.

33.     All you actions have consequences. If you sow massively, you’ll reap massively. Be willing to do what the competition is not willing to do.

34.     If you have an intense desire to achieve something, it is a given that you have the ability within you. Your job is to figure out how.

35.     When opportunities appear, move quickly. Doors of opportunity close as quickly as they open.

36.     “Work smart, not hard” is a joke. If you truly want to succeed, you’d better work smart and hard. The harder you work, the luckier you’ll be.

37.     Success is a decision. You decide to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to make it.

38.     Winners understand that the road to success is filled with failures and challenges. Winners fail their way to success. Remember, one big success cancels out all the failures.

39.     Assume that success is only a matter of time. Resolve to learn something from every setback, and decide that quitting is not an option.

40.     Everything you do is either getting you closer or further from your dream. Everything.

41.     High achievers have a drive that most of us can’t even begin to imagine. They work every day at catching their breaks. They are ordinary people with extraordinary drive and work ethic. You can develop the same drive.

42.     Be willing to try different approaches on the way to your goals.
    If you don’t score a touchdown, you don’t move the goalposts, you     change the play.

43.     Develop people and leadership skills. The only way to accomplish great goals is by building a team and working through other people.

44.     When you work hard enough and long enough that you start believing that you deserve to succeed, you’ll start acting like a deserving person and success will come to you.

45.     Your ability to succeed is in direct proportion to your ability to take rejection. Learn to love the struggle.

46.     When you achieve your dream, pursue another dream. That’s how to live a life of adventure.

If you will embrace and consistently and persistently apply these principles, you will amaze people with all you accomplish. People will say you are lucky but you’ll know luck had nothing to do with it.

Chase your dream. Never Quit. Reach your goals with VELOCITY.

Ruben Gonzalez is a four-time Olympian, a bestselling business author and an award-winning keynote speaker. For information on how to bring him to your next event, visit

Ruben Gonzalez

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