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Are you ready to Kick "BUT" Across Australia, America and Asia thousands have already experienced the powerful phenomenon that is Rosie Pekar, "Professional 'BUT' Kicker".

Kicking "BUT" - or "Bloody Useless Thoughts" - is her mission. And it seems people can't get enough of her no-excuses, Kick "BUT" strategies.As the 'BUT Kicker', Rosie's life-altering presentations will challenge, motivate and inspire you to deliberately create your own success.

Described as 'sharp, energetic, motivational and relevant', Rosie's a supreme motivator who speaks with humor and challenging, real-life powerful stories.

Rosie specializes in success building topics including personal development, motivation, negotiation, leadership, lifestyle and positive practices.

Rosie tells her story in radio, television and magazine interviews around the globe. Once a Policewoman and Private investigator, she's beaten all the odds to transform a life of violence, crime and anguish into a life of success.

Now a leading Motivator, Speaker and Author of "Time to Kick BUT", Rosie empowers people to live successfully by exposing self-sabotage and the personal deceptive practices that prevent success.

"Negative thoughts can be an elusive criminal and master of disguise," she says, with ex-cop insight. That's why she accepts no excuses or 'BUT's when it comes to getting what you want.

"You have phenomenal power, literally at your fingertips," stresses Rosie. "You need to work with the one thing you've always had, and that's your thoughts. Win the battle of the brain and you'll get what you want out of life."

Rosie sees her goal as the 'BUT Kicker' to increase awareness of personal power and to challenge the status quo of feeling at the mercy of events and wallowing in self pity.

If you want more out of life, dream of greater success or desire greater wealth and prosperity, you need the "BUT Kicker". Rosie will show you how to get results without the terrible limitations of that one soul destroying word "BUT".