Rolfe Carawan | Corporate Visionary with the head of a CEO and the heart of a pastor.

Rolfe Carawan

Corporate Visionary with the head of a CEO and the heart of a pastor.

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Rolfe Carawan
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Tougher Than the Times
Thriving Through Change and Challenge

To compete in this constantly changing culture, the ability to make challenging times work to your advantage is crucial for success. In this hard-hitting, but surprisingly funny presentation, walk away with...
• Powerful ways of thinking that will energize and mobilize you in transition
• How to leverage hard times into radical employee and customer loyalty
• The secret to successfully coaching 4 different personality types resulting in increased employee performance
• 2 practical keys to help you overcome the emotional impact of change

From Facelift to Facebook™
Uniting Four Generations in the Workforce

Optimizing each generation’s strength to produce world-class teams is essential in today’s competitive market. In this interactive presentation Rolfe gives invaluable insight into...
• How to win the cooperation of all generations
• Managing, training and motivating employees with “competing” worldviews
• Communicating effectively across generational lines
• Keys to increasing productivity, creating loyalty, and achieving buy-in

Run to the Roar
Unleashing Your Unique Potential

In his signature motivational keynote Rolfe challenges and inspires individuals to fearlessly live the life that brings “bottom line” success. This is not your run-of-the-mill talk, Rolfe brings fresh insights and transformational strategies for...
• Contributing more and experiencing greater fulfillment at work and home
• Overcoming the fears and false beliefs that keep you from success
• Maximizing your unique strengths and virtues for the good of the team
• Increasing optimism, persistence and life satisfaction

Winning Together™
The Keys to Building Unified Teams

The way to collaborative success is to empower individuals to contribute their personal strengths to the goal of the organization. In this powerful keynote Rolfe brings practical solutions for...
• Overcoming the 3 deadly D’s to exuberant collaboration - discontent, dissent and discord
• How to capitalize on team diversity to increase trust and loyalty
• Strategies for making others feel both valued and valuable
• 7 things that are present in every unified team and how to get them

Heart and Hardware
Overcoming the Leadership Challenge

Rolfe reveals principles and proven strategies that successful leaders use to lead people through transition, inspiring them to carry the banner with one voice, one mind, one purpose. Always relevant and memorable, Rolfe uncovers with remarkable clarity...
• 3 things necessary to rally the troops to new heights in innovation, participation and collaboration
• The key to taking care of your employees while driving bottom line results
• Strategies for generating and sustaining commitment to a compelling vision
• What your employees really want and how to be a hero giving it to them

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Rolfe Carawan

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