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Robert Hargrove is a world-renowned, revolutionary thought leader in the field of talent development and coaching. His motto is "Better Leaders, Better World" and he believes that coaching leaders to achieve an Impossible Future is the fastest, most powerful way to achieve both.

Hargrove is the founder of Masterful Coaching Inc. and served as a Director of the Harvard Leadership Research Project. He has been awarded for Distinguished Public Service by the United States Government for his coaching work with political leaders.

Some recent clients have included the United States Assistant Secretary of Defense in charge of Acquisitions, the President of the New York Stock Exchange, and European CEO of the year. Hargrove's focus is on helping leaders realize an Impossible Future, while at the same time, transforming their organization.

Become a Collaborative Person, Build a Collaborative Corporation

In today’s complex world, it is no longer possible to figure it all out from the top.
Today, dealing with reaching goals and solving problems requires becoming a
collaborative person who can capture the collective intelligence of their group.
Hargrove will show you how to break the grip and excel beyond old habits like
command-and-control management and “the smartest man in the room syndrome” and
become a lateral leader who brings extraordinary combinations of people together to
foster “group genius” and create business breakthroughs. Research shows that the
most successful companies have three times the number of collaborative initiatives
than the medium or low performers. In this talk, you will learn the keys to creating a
collaborative group.

Being an Extraordinary Leader—Better Leaders, Better World

Robert Hargrove will show you in this talk that the call to leadership is not about
getting to the top of some ladder, it’s daring to see and hear the call of pressing human
needs and wants (customers, communities, the world at large) Drawing on fascinating
stories from leaders in business, government, education, healthcare, Hargrove shows
that extraordinary leadership arises when people see an opportunity to make a
difference and dare to take a stand. The acid test of whether they are successful not
only has to do with creating a vision and executing effectively but also bringing about
real change on a sustainable basis. You will be inspired to discover your ability to be
an extraordinary leader—to make the shift from “good to great.” You will learn how
to speak and listen in a way that captures the hearts and minds of people in your
organization, and you will learn a five-step model for initiating and bringing about
fundamental change.

The Seven Secrets of Building a High-Performance Organization

Every business has unrecognized opportunities, underutilized assets, underperforming
processes and under-engaged employees. In this talk, Robert Hargrove will show that
one powerful way to turn this situation around is to build a high-performance
organization. He will share seven tips you can start implementing today: 1)
Demonstrate authentic, passionate leadership, 2) Start with the WHY and give people
a reason to come to work, 3) Develop a strategy of pre-eminence, 4) Set impossible
goals, hold people accountable for results, 5) Give your organization a focus, 6)
Commit to exceptional people in every key job, and 7) Foster creative collaboration.

Masterful Coaching and Mentoring

In this talk, Robert Hargrove will share his experiences of coaching individuals to
develop into extraordinary leaders in the process of producing extraordinary business
results. Robert Hargrove says that if you are a leader, you are a coach and teacher who
develops other leaders. The talk will focus on a Five Step Coaching Model for

leaders. You will learn how to have extraordinary coaching conversations that bring
out the best in those around you. He will present the 10 most common conundrums
that leaders in all organizations face and how to coach with them.

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