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How the Best Get Better
This double-edged sword cuts to the core of performance, both business and personal performance. Mandates from management throughout the country all seem to be singing the same song: If we are going to remain successful and be players in the marketplace both now and in the future, we must...
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If You Don’t Like Change …You are Going to Hate Extinction
The great companies understand The First Step to Success is embracing change. You can either choose to embrace change or watch as your business disintegrates right before your eyes. Everyone is standing on shaky ground. A&P at one point was the largest food retailer in the world (16,000 stores)...
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The Leadership Formula
The Leadership program focus is on practical, insightful and useful skills that help to make relationships work and companies prosper. Designed with the goal of helping companies thrive in today's marketplace, Mr. Stevenson identifies how to start, maintain, and deepen working relationships. This...
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Riding A New Wave To Success
Mr. Stevenson has developed this program to facilitate the Strategic Planning process. This program enables the organization to get a handle on what it is doing right, where it can improve, and what must be done to reach the goals being set. Some of the greatest experts on any business are a...
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I've Got Your Back: Creating a Powerful Teamwork Culture
Mr. Stevenson has developed a program that addresses the many aspects of teamwork and how to create a corporate culture that embodies a true sense of camaraderie among associates. This program illustrates how, by looking out for each other (as well as your clients), you are helping to protect the...
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The Answers to Successful Selling Are All Four Letter Words
The art, discipline, techniques of selling have traveled many different paths over the centuries. Whether one is doing research or actually working in businesses it is obvious the path to selling effectively has gone from simple to highly sophisticated and back again. This program doesn't mean to...
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The Single Most Important Skill
Communication is an interactive event between two or more individuals; a give and take of thoughts, wants, or needs. Communication is a skill that must be learned and practiced regularly in order to be successful at it. The Communication program was designed using proven and powerful...
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Wow Me ! Amaze Me ! Astonish Me ! ... and I’ll Be Back
This program deals with dispelling the theory that the customer is always right. Whether it was selling a Dixie cup of lemon-aid on the sidewalk or closing a multimillion-dollar deal, anyone who has ever dealt with a customer knows the customer is not always right. Many times the customer is...
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Controlling Your Most Valuable Commodity
Understanding that time is an organization's most valuable commodity is the first step, the easy part. Learning how to use this valuable commodity judiciously, with the reverence it deserves, is the hard part. Effective time management is actively making things happen that will advance you toward...
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