Dr. Rick Brinkman

Dr. Rick Brinkman NSB Dr. Rick Brinkman NSB

Dr. Rick Brinkman Text Reviews

It has been our pleasure at St. Elizabeth Medical Center to have Dr. Rick Brinkman speak to our employees four times in the last two years. His ability to adapt the subject material to the specific need of the audience was uncanny.

Bill Lohr, Staff Development Supervisor - St. Elizabeth Medical Center

I never thought a one-day program could change communication habits that took a lifetime to develop, but it has been nine months and things are totally different around here.

Carolyn Strong - Tektronix Manager

He's very funny and very active! He's not a "boring" speaker, I promise you that!

Deborah Lilly, Past President - International Association of Speaker Bureaus

You were . . . terrific, sensational, dramatic, funny, entertaining, thought provoking, educational, spectacular and the hit of the program. Our people loved you and as a meeting planner I love that!

Michelle Morgan - Executive Director, Leisure Tours

There is no one more professional than Rick. His content and humor were exactly on the mark for our group.

Sally LaMont, Executive Director - CANP