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Ramsey Musallam Teaching Principles, teacher motivation, education motivation, creativity, 21st Century Learning & Technology Ramsey Musallam Teaching Principles, teacher motivation, education motivation, creativity, 21st Century Learning & Technology
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Ramsey Musallam: TED: 3 Rules to Spark Learning
Ramsey Musallam: Student Engagement: Sparking Student Curiosity
Ramsey Musallam: Explore-Flip-Apply: A Pedagogy First Approach to Reverse Instruction
Ramsey Musallam: Sparking Student Inquiry
Ramsey Musallam: TEDx: We are not Imposters
Ramsey Musallam: Keynote Preview

Ramsey Musallam

TED Talks Education Speaker and Education Innovation Expert

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San Francisco, CA, US
About Ramsey Musallam

Ramsey Musallam is a secondary science instructor at Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa, California. Ramsey has also has served as an adjunct professor of education at the University of San Francisco and Touro University in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to his role as a science instructor at Sonoma Academy, Ramsey served as a Science Instructor and Director of Inquiry and Innovation at Sacred Heart Cathedral in downtown San Francisco for 15 years. In addition his role as a science teacher, ...

He was an amazing speaker, funny, interesting and most important, relevant. Even with a catered lunch Ramsey ranked higher than the food, which never happens.

Alice Keeler - Central Valley Computer Using Educators

When I look for a keynote I want someone that can move an audience to the edge of their seats with stories, authenticity and critical thinking. For us, Ramsey Musallam was the master of this delicate balancing act.

Darren Hudgens

Ramsey Musallam transforms the way teachers view student learning. Ramsey's insight into the cycles of learning and how teachers can best meet the learning needs of each student can change the culture of any school.

Molly Schroeder - Flipped eduction

. . . his hour-long presentation received outstanding reviews. He personalized his session for his audience, actively involved the attendees, met them at their level of involvement--not speaking at them but with them.

Kari Arfstrom - Flipped Learning Network

There is currently a tremendous amount of uncertainty about what our schools and classrooms will look like in the months to come. Ramsey, however, was able to support our teachers' continued professional growth by introducing them to a pedagogical approach that would be engaging and effective for students in either an in-person or a distance learning environment. His enthusiasm for teaching, genuine authenticity, humility and sense of humor helped him to develop quick connections with each of our teachers, across all disciplines. And his continued willingness to collaborate with our teachers as we venture forth into the "educational unknown" together will be a huge asset to our faculty's preparedness for whatever lies ahead.

James Spillman - St. Joseph's College Institute

I had the privilege to learn from the awesome Ramsey Musallam at an all-day Professional Development at Merced High School, in Merced, CA. Teachers from all subject areas, Instructional Coaches, Induction Mentors and administrators were all able to learn from the "cycles of learning", "sparked by curiosity" that Ramsey presented. I was so inspired by his passion, strategies and content shared, that I have been presenting a modified version of "Spark Curiosity" and I guest blogged about this for Alice Keeler. He had us experience a simulation of the 5 E Lesson Plan, where learning was sparked by engaging us in a topic and creating "curiosity" through images, video or demonstrations, followed by his "Hero's Journey" lesson plan. I highly recommend bringing Ramsey out to your school to help your staff 'spark curiosity' each day with students, leading to deeper learning and engagement.

Marcia Carrillo - Merced Union High School
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