Elevate Your 2024 Event with Interactive and Entertaining Speakers

Brian Palmer: Senior Vice President
January 24, 2024

Brian Palmer

Senior Vice President

The world of event planning in 2024 demands innovation and engagement. Gone are the days of passive audiences and predictable speeches. To truly captivate your audience, consider integrating interactive entertainment with meaningful messages. From music and magic to improv and juggling, let's explore some exceptional speakers who can bring both inspiration and entertainment to your next event.

Jimmy Yeary - The Melodic Storyteller
Jimmy Yeary isn't just a singer; he's a storyteller whose melodies resonate with the heart. A session with Jimmy is about experiencing stories that inspire and connect through music and self-introspection. His interactive approach ensures that the audience is not just passive listeners but active participants in a musical journey by creating a custom song together.

Doug Brown - The Inspiring Musician
Doug Brown, known for his work with the band SafetySuit, offers a unique combination of motivational speaking and musical performance. His sessions are more than concerts; they are inspirational experiences that blend life lessons with the universal language of music. Doug's approach is perfect for audiences who seek a blend of thought-provoking content and engaging entertainment.

Harris III - Magic Meets Message
Harris III takes the art of illusion to a new level, blending it seamlessly with an impactful message. His performances are not just about magic but about unlocking the magic within each of us. Harris engages the audience, inviting them to be part of the presentation, making his sessions interactive and deeply personal.

Jen Slaw - Juggling and Balance
Jen Slaw does more than juggle objects; she juggles concepts of balance, focus, and ambition. Her interactive sessions use juggling as a metaphor for handling life's challenges. Jen's ability to engage with the audience while flawlessly performing her art leaves attendees inspired and entertained.

Charles Esten - The Improv Musician
Charles Esten brings the spontaneity of improv to music. Known for his role in "Nashville," Charles' performances are unscripted, unpredictable, and unforgettably fun. He interacts with the audience, even creating songs on the spot, making each of his sessions unique and touching.

Phil Hansen - Art Beyond Limits
Phil Hansen is an artist who believes in embracing limitations to create art. His interactive sessions often involve creating art in real-time, showing how constraints can actually lead to creativity. Phil's approach to art and storytelling is deeply engaging, leaving audiences motivated to think outside the run of the mill day to day box.

Clint Pulver - The Drumming Motivator
Clint Pulver blends rhythmic drumming with motivational speaking. His sessions are high-energy and the rhythm of the drums underscores his inspirational stories. Clint's interactive style ensures that the audience is playing drums along side him and finding their beat in both music and life.

Mark Schulman - Rock Your Event
Mark Schulman, the drummer for P!nk, knows how to bring the energy of a rock show to a corporate event. His sessions are a mix of electrifying drumming and insightful stories from his experiences on the world stage. Mark’s interactive approach turns the audience into a giant rhythm section, creating a special and unique experience.

Dan Thurmon - Acrobatics and Achievement
Dan Thurmon combines acrobatics with motivational speaking, demonstrating the balance between risk and reward. His high-flying acrobatics are a metaphor for reaching new heights in life and business. Dan's interactive style engages the audience in a physical and mental sense, making his sessions both visually stunning and deeply inspiring.

As you plan your 2024 events, consider these remarkable speakers who offer more than just words. They bring an interactive, entertaining experience that will captivate, inspire, and energize your audience. From music to magic, these speakers are sure to elevate your event and leave your attendees with lasting memories. Sometimes the best events are not just heard; they are experienced.