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Tax Revolt
Phil Valentine literally wrote the book on how to fight back against higher taxes. His book, Tax Revolt, chronicled the people's fight against a state income tax in Tennessee when citizens were alerted by Phil about a back-door deal to impose a never-before-imposed tax on wages. Valentine rallied...
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Global Warming
Valentine's award-winning movie, An Inconsistent Truth, takes on Al Gore's movie lie-by-lie. Valentine interviews leading scientists on the skeptic side of the issue, including a lead author of the IPCC which Gore claims is unanimously on his side. His movie demonstrates how the sun has much more...
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Illegal Immigration
The issue of illegal immigration touches so many important areas of concern in America. Overcrowded and underfunded schools, unemployment, a jammed judicial system, and prisons brimming with a disproportionate number of illegal aliens, not to mention skyrocketing healthcare costs. Valentine...
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Living Up to Your Potential
Too many people make excuses for why they aren't as successful as they'd like to be. Valentine believes people are actually afraid to unlock their full potential. Part of unlocking your potential involves making yourself a more valuable employee without worrying about being taken advantage of by...
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Why People Are Poor in America
If there's are key reasons why people are successful then surely there are identifiable reasons why people are poor. Valentine goes beyond the hackneyed and patronizing excuses and looks at demonstrable evidence of how poor choices lead to poor people. It may not be politically correct but, in...
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What It Means to be a True Conservative
Valentine literally wrote the book on conservatism. The Conservative's Handbook outlines — from A to Z — all the important issues of our day and how to approach each one with true conservatism. Liberalism is based on emotion, Valentine says. Conservatism is based on logic. Where some so-called...
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