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Peter once again did a marvelous presentation. He continues to have a gift for relating his personal experiences and achievements in a way that the audience can take the message and apply it to their everyday life.
Orange County Employee Benefit Council
We cannot tell you how many times we heard our partners say this was the single best industry event they had attended. The experience you bring as an Olympian and your ability to clearly communicate is truly inspiring regardless of your industry or focus.
Carol Novello and Dan Smith - Intuit
Your keynote presentation was awesome! You impressed our organization with your passion and enthusiasm for something you believe in and how that determination created your success in the Olympics and beyond.
Chau Lee - Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
You were a hit! . . . so as far as Comdata's performance in inviting you: 10 for originality, 10 for virtuosity, and even though having you on our program was no risk at all, I still give us a ten for a decision that was rewarding!
Deby K. Samuels - Comdata
Without a question, your performance was rated by the audience as the most dynamic and the most interesting! Our Chairman and CEO, Max Messmer said afterwards, "It was a 10!"
Howard Davis - Robert Half International, Inc.
Our sincere thanks for a wonderful presentation that was so well received by all who were there.
Karen Hopkinson - Insurance Conference Planners Association
Peter Vidmar was absolutely charming and delightful. Many people commented that he was the highlight of the Conference!
Kelly Teenor - Toastmasters
Peter is a delight to work with. He was absolutely outstanding!
Mark Hobbins - Aspen Education Group
A great blend of Hero, Humor, and Humble. My pleasure to have met you and do look forward to your return.
Mike Houghton - WIN