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Make Your Life a Masterpiece
Take Control of Your Canvas of Life for Success! Creating your Masterpiece takes courage and the belief that you have a gift to offer the world. It takes self-mastery and a winning attitude! Peter Legge is a masterful leader in business and in life. He is the best-selling author of Make Your Life...
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The Runway of Life
Take Charge and Live Your Dreams Life, like a runway, is limited in length. Let Peter Legge show you how to make the most of it and live your dreams with his life-changing Runway of Life lessons. An award-winning businessman, professional speaker and best-selling author, Peter uses a series of...
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27 Success Habits
Winning Ways: Developing Million Dollar Habits for Success To be a winner in life and in business you must act like a winner - and what better way to do that than to emulate the habits of highly successful people. Let internationally renowned businessman, best-selling author and acclaimed...
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Taking on the Giant
How to Meet the Challenges of Leadership The leadership role, whether at the head of a family or at the helm of a major corporation, brings with it many challenges, rewards and responsibilities. Peter Legge, President and CEO of Canada Wide Magazines and Communications, Ltd. (the largest...
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Five Smooth Stones
Ammunition for Personal Change In the famed Biblical story David and Goliath, all it took for young David to slay the giant was five smooth stones, a sling and a lot of focus. In his acclaimed seminar, Five Smooth Stones, Peter Legge uses this timeless tale of triumph over adversity as a vehicle...
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