Peter Combe Bio

Peter's finely crafted children's songs have enchanted a generation of families. He is acknowledged as Australia's original and finest children's songwriter and recording artist. His classic songs include Wash Your Face in Orange Juice, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Toffee Apple, Chopsticks, Newspaper Mama and Juicy Juicy Green Grass and take his audience on a fascinating journey through the world of children's music - funny, interactive and entertainingly educational without you even knowing it! His song 'Thingth I Thay don't Thound the Thame ' about a 6 year old boy who has lost his two front teeth is a funny, and at the same time, poignant reminder of the carefree, delightful world of childhood and one of his many songs which allow the audience to rediscover the world of their own childhood - a fascinating experience. Peter Combe's presentation is entitled - 'I'm trying not to grow up!