Patsy Gilbert Text Reviews

I did a double take when Sarah (oops, I mean Patsy) walked into the ballroom! What a fabulous job this doppelganger did that evening!!!
Janna Joos - International Celebrity Images, The Reel Awards
Patsy Gilbert was just great! I enjoyed Patsy more than Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live! We would definitely invite her back and we hope to see a lot more of her over the next 4 years!! Best of Luck Patsy!
Patty Redlich, President - NW Orange Republican Women Federation
An EXCELLENT and funny Sarah Palin impersonator. . . . Very bright, great on camera, a good talker, humble, and very entertaining.
Jody Eldred, Filmmaker/Author - Los Angeles, CA
Patsy, as Sarah Palin, had us rolling in laughter! I loved how she customized her show with personalized material and roasted many of my friends. She looked and sounded identical to Sarah Palin and all the party guests wanted pictures with her.
Dean Maynard - The Maynard Group