Patrick Fogarty

Patrick Fogarty

Author of the first guide to 1:1 deployments and Apple Distinguished Educator

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New York, New York, United States
About Patrick Fogarty

Patrick Fogarty is a speaker, author, educator, and administrator who has worked with high schools, colleges, yeshivas, and grammar schools across the country. As the former Instructional Technology leader of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens, one of the largest private school districts in the United States, and the Faculty Advisor of Instructional Technology at New York City's first iPad 1:1 school, he is uniquely qualified to provide insight on the many ways in which technology is redefining ...

Patrick gives speeches, conducts workshops, and can run professional development. He comes highly recommended.

Mr. Anthony Biscione, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment - Diocese of Rockville Center, Long Island, NY

Patrick has the unique ability to communicate highly technical ideas in a way almost anyone can understand.

Craig Mercado, Principal - St. Ephrem School, Brooklyn, NY

Patrick made TNTc spectacular.

Micha Villareal, Director - Ysleta Independent School District, El Paso, TX
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