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Little Projects...Big Impacts!!
Easy and Inexpensive Projects In today's economy, homeowners are looking for practical and inexpensive ways to improve the comfort, the functionality, and certainly the value of their home. Rather than sell their home, many people are choosing to stay put and improve what they have. Homeowners...
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Name That Tool!
Test Your Knowledge AND Have Fun! In this high-energy audience participation presentation, Home Expert,Pat Simpson keeps attendees on the edge of their seats, as they rush to be the first to correctly name the tool, widget, or gadget. The correct answer is rewarded with a home improvement related...
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Life's Perfect Toolbox
The Right Tools Can Help Make Life Easier As we grow older and continually mature physically and mentally, we realize how important and valuable even the simplest tip can be. We've probably all said it at least once, "Wow, why didn't I think of that!" That's right! We're not know-it-alls and are...
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There's Nothing More Permanent Than Something Temporary!
Fix It Right The First Time! Ahhh, home repair. Many of us enjoy tackling repair, and improvement projects on our own and then there's the group that will hire someone to do it. Repair projects are a way of life...and, Pat will prove how life has a way of repairing.Whether it's at home, the...
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