Pat Richie

Pat Richie

Gifted Table Group Speaker and Consultant

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About Pat Richie

As one of the first Table Group consultants Pat has worked with hundreds of executive teams. He makes a strong connection with every client, illustrates Lencioni principles with distinctive strokes, and finds ways to help even difficult team members become part of a cohesive unit. He is known for helping organizations deal gracefully with very thorny issues and for challenging top teams to stay on top. His passion for organizational health is obvious and his commitment to his clients is clear.


Pat Richie is a gifted thinker and speaker. In my 16 year association with the NFL, I was both challenged and encouraged by Pat.

Andy Wasynczuk - Faculty Harvard Business School, Former New England Patriots Chief Operating Officer

Pat Richie is one of the most effective thinkers in the area of individual and organizational development, he has made a monumental contribution to the leadership of the Indiana Pacers, he helped us focus on our values; and our internal teamwork, we are better because of the genuine caring way he works with us.

Jim Morris - Former Executive Director of United Nations World Food Programme, Currently President Indiana Pacers
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