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Pamela Barnum

Former Undercover Police Officer & Federal Prosecuting Attorney Trust Strategist & Nonverbal Communication Expert

About Pamela Barnum

Pamela Barnum is a former undercover police officer and federal prosecutor turned nonverbal communication expert and trust strategist. When you take decades of experience, including her unique background of working deep undercover in the drug enforcement section, followed by a rewarding legal career, you get real-world strategies that help audiences crack the code on trust using proven field-tested
techniques. Juggling diverse stakeholder groups with distinct interests and roles leads to an ...

Pamela's life experience provides her a unique depth of knowledge, making it easily applicable to many industries and people. She communicates in a friendly, compelling manner which is both accessible and demonstrates her wide-ranging expertise. She is a delight to work with and learn from!

Michelle Perreault, Senior Professional Development Advisor - Alberta Real Estate

Pamela Barnum was incredibly fun and exceeded our already high expectations! The audience was fully engaged and LOVED her! The feedback on her body language presentation was incredible and any organization would be blown away by the knowledge, education, and expertise she brings to an event.

Ariana Kane, Event Planner - The Shin Dig

Pamela, thank you for being one of our 2020 Winter Summit speakers. Here are some of the comments by attendees at your session:

Very engaging great stories with tie-in!

This was my favorite session. Pamela was engaging and dynamic the entire session. She gave some great anecdotal stories, had the room participate in questions. Fantastic! One of my favorite sessions ever!

Excellent session. Definitely the best for me.

She was awesome! Very engaging... liked the audience participation and storytelling. Fantastic stories! Super engaging and relatable.

Tracy Blyth, CAE - CSAE

Really enjoyed your session at the ACFE conference! Absolutely excellent, very much appreciate you sharing your expertise with us, so many good takeaways to practice in really any conversation, especially interviews!

Mike D'Alessandro, CHC - CFE CPA

One of the best sessions I have ever attended! I learned a lot and know that these strategies are going impact my business.

Vicki Ho, Attendee - California Association of Realtors Annual Conference

I have taken what I learned in Pamela's session and I am blown away by how well it works! Holy jumpin' I am a believer!

Emma Reid - Women's Leadership Conference
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