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Can he truly read your mind? How does he know so much about your past...things even you have forgotten? Is this real or is it magic? You don’t want to miss witnessing Oz Pearlman, the mentalist, in action!

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Oz Pearlman is one of the busiest performing mentalists in the country. He developed an interest in magic at a young age and what started as a hobby ended up becoming a lifelong passion. After a couple of years spent working on Wall Street, Oz decided to pursue his dream and become a full time entertainer. He has now been dazzling audiences with his world-class sleight of hand and mind reading ability for over a decade.

Oz amazed the country on TV's #1 rated show, America's Got Talent. Week after ...

Oz was the hit of the party, keeping everyone involved and entertained. Our event was fairly large, but even when you couldn't see Oz, the gasps and shouts from the crowd would alert us to another amazing feat.

Paul V. Carlucci, Chairman and CEO - News America Marketing

Magician? Huh! Ahem . . . Oz is one part psychic and the other part Emmy Award winner. . . . Extraordinary, flawless, engaging . . . a masterful master!

Paul Daversa - Daversa Partners

Oz was an absolute hit at a dinner with our senior leadership team. He involved everyone, kept the entire group entertained and made believers out of even the most skeptical in our group. I highly recommend him for any event!

Duncan L. Niederauer Chairman and CEO - NYSE Euronext

Oz has a unique ability to engage groups both large and small with his mystifying act. He is entertaining and treats his audience to a combination of mind reading feats that you can't help but enjoy.

Jim Weddle, CEO - Edward Jones

We've had entertainers at our holiday parties for years now, but no one comes close to Oz. We're still trying to figure out how he does it, but frankly we're starting to believe in magic and mind reading!

Pamela Daley, Senior Vice President - General Electric

This magician is real-life, right in front of your eyes magic. The crowds were amazed AND entertained. A guaranteed success at any function!

Daryle Abrahams, Vice President - Merrill Lynch
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