Nido Qubein

Nido Qubein, Business Keynote NSB Nido Qubein, Business Keynote NSB

Nido Qubein Speech Topics

Communicate Like A Pro

Communicating effectively with people, inside your company and beyond, is a minimum-requirement skill in our ever-changing global marketplace. This presentation is designed to help your audience develop the communication skills required and to wield them with power and effectiveness. They’ll...

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Achieving Peak Performance

This presentation will show you how to prepare your employees for high productivity and your company for maximum profitability. Learn how to grow a well-trained, educated and motivated team. Nido Qubein makes an important point: Teaching people skills without giving them a vision for a better...

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From Success to Significance

A powerful and inspiring presentation on focus, balance, and meaning, both in business and in life. The perfect keynote address. Nido Qubein cites major differences between creativity (how can we do this differently) and innovation (how can we do this better). He distinguishes among tasks, goals...

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If I wanted To Buy What You Sell, Would I Buy It From You?

Why should people do business with you? How easily can someone else imitate what you do? Do your customers think of you first? Nido Qubein shares dynamic principles for personal and corporate achievement. It doesn’t matter how much you know or what you can do. What matters is what your customers...

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How To Sell, Serve, and Succeed

To sell effectively in today’s ever-changing, competitive world, one must master sales skills and behavioral knowledge. Nido Qubein teaches both with humor and audience involvement. He focuses on the Law of Identification (when something becomes personal it becomes important; treat every customer...

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Change Management/Reculturing an Organization

Change is an eternal concept. In today's competitive marketplace, organizations must be able to grasp the reigns of change to ride it to a successful future. Many people are afraid to alter their behaviors, but it often proves more threatening than challenging. Nido Qubein transports audiences on...

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