Nick Earle | Chairman and CEO of Eseye, Recent Senior Vice President Virgin Hyperloop One

Nick Earle

Chairman and CEO of Eseye, Recent Senior Vice President Virgin Hyperloop One

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Nick Earle
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With speeds 2-3 times faster than high-speed rail and on-demand experience with no stopping, Hyperloop can reduce a 500 km (300 mile) commute to under 30 minutes smashing today’s traditional commuting boundaries. Nick can discuss how hyperloop, the first new mode of mass transportation developed in a century, can dramatically alter the way the world moves.

• How Hyperloop Will Change the World…Not Just Transportation
• Enabling Competitive Economies With Hyperloop
• Connecting Tomorrow’s Smart Cities and Enabling Smart Urban Growth
• Next Network Revolution: On-Demand Physical Broadband
• Radically Sustainable Mass Transportation with Hyperloop
• Future Of All-Electric Travel
• A Hyperloop-Enabled Supply Chain
• Creating More Productive & Sustainable Cargo Ports  
• Extending Airport Capacity with Hyperloop
• Bridging The Gap: Financing Ambitious Hyperloop Infrastructure Projects

Incubating Innovation & Change

Nick was tasked twice to lead significant transformation initiatives for multi-billion Fortune 500 companies. First, by Carly Fiorina to help HP catch-up to the Internet revolution. Next, by John Chambers to help Cisco transform from a hardware-centric company and embrace cloud services and software. Nick can share the lessons learned in taking on these audacious challenges.

• Motivating The Caterpillar: How To Create a Start-up Culture In Companies of Any Size
• Avoiding The Tsunami: Evolving Business Models To Embrace Digital Transformation
• Creating In-House Incubators & Rebel Teams

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Nick Earle

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