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A Physical Version of the Internet: How Hyperloop Could Be the Broadband of Transportation
Originally published in the September issue ofVoices on Infrastructure, by McKinsey'sGlobal Infrastructure Initiative. In this interview with McKinsey, Nick Earle, SVP of Global Field Operations at Hyperloop One, discusses the scale of the system's potential to collapse time and distance, as well as disrupt transportation, commerce, and housi...
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Physical Broadband Has Arrived
Combining digital and physical innovations to radically transform physical transportation. It seems so primitive looking back at the Internet in the 1990s. Painfully slow dial-ups via telephones with 56kbps connections made it impossible to download anything apart from the text. At full speed, a single, low-quality song (roughly 3.5MB) would ...
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Predicting the Next Wave of Industry Disruption
If you read the avalanche of marketing material from venture-funded loss-making startups in the cloud space you'd think that on-premise infrastructure will become akin to old typewriters lying around in store rooms and that IT departments will go the way of the dinosaurs after the asteroid hit. Any vendor advocating anything else is toast. Geddi...
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