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Neal Petersen: No Barriers -- Only Solutions!
Neal Petersen: Keynote Fog Option
Neal Petersen: TEDx University of Nevada

Neal Petersen

Turn Set-backs and Barriers Into Opportunity, Around-the-World Solo Racing Sailor, Build Stronger Teams & Adapt Under Pressure

About Neal Petersen

Transform your organization by turning set-backs and barriers into opportunities.

How do you navigate forward, deal with constant wind shifts, sudden storms, conquer fear, isolation, while dealing with an ever present changing world? Neal Petersen takes audiences on a captivating journey around the world, using his remarkable life-story and shows, by example, that you can achieve your goals by turning set-backs and barriers into opportunities ~ with the right attitude and ability to foster ...

Neal presented at 3 Top Producers Summits receiving "rarely given" standing ovations at each one and evaluations marking him as exceptional. (The response was so overwhelming he was then asked to open their next two summits, FSC, Royal Alliance.)

Bonnie Sherer, CMP - AIG

Neal was the perfect bow on the conference package. Warm, generous with his story and his spirit. His enthusiasm was infectious and his determination is a lesson to anyone. Keep booking Neal, he is a treasure!!!!!

Heather Sullivan-Bodington - Production Plan-It

Neal's presentation was absolutely outstanding both from a content perspective & his ability to relate numerous inspirational messages to our conference themes.

Harry - DeLoitte & Touche

Thank you for delivering a very motivational, passionate, phenomenal keynote message. Thank you for customizing your keynote messages to parallel with our business opportunities and challenges.

Amanda Battle - Genentech - March 2007

I've had the opportunity to hear this great man and friend tell his story three times; and I've read his autobiography twice. On every one of these occasions I've walked away with many valuable messages.

Vikram Mehta, CEO - Blade Network Technology

Thank you for the extraordinary presentation you gave in San Diego and for the follow up presentation in Barcelona with virtually no prep time as well. You that you generated some of the highest ratings I have seen.

L Benway - IBM - World Wide Events
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