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Nataly Kogan

Happiness Expert, Venture Capitalist & Successful Tech Entrepreneur

About Nataly Kogan

Nataly Kogan is a former VC and the founder of Happier, a global technology and learning platform helping individuals and organizations to realize full potential by adopting scientifically-proven practices that improve their well-being.

From her teenage years as a Russian refugee learning English in the projects outside of Detroit, to becoming a leading venture capitalist in a predominantly male industry while still in her twenties, Nataly has continually achieved at the highest of levels.

She ...

Nataly was the highlight of an all-day offsite meeting for our group. Her background and experience on what really drives a happier existence at work and at home were extremely well received.


Nataly’s passion for and belief in the power of happiness is palpable and allows her to connect with her audience in a unique way. Our entire group was inspired to reflect on how they can bring more happiness into their own lives. The power of Nataly's words continued to resonate within our walls long after she had left the building!

Mullen Worldwide

As the keynote speaker at our biggest event of the year, Nataly immediately captivated our audience of entrepreneurial young professionals. Her witty sense of humor, genuine passion for her work, and real world stories gave us inspiration (and many head nods and laughs!). Her positive energy is infectious, and our audience left feeling ready to take their careers to the next level thanks to her unique advice and words of wisdom. I'd highly recommend her as a speaker at any event.

Young Women in Digital

Nataly was the perfect keynote speaker as we invest in Sleep Number's top performers. As a purpose-driven brand, we strive to always be our best for our customers. Nataly shared tools to be more productive and innovative, while finding more joy every day.

Sleep Number

Nataly's accessible and personal approach made it easy for a diverse audience to connect with her message. She dared us to be happier and we are excited for the challenge!

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Her message is simple, powerful and thought provoking. We have seen lasting impressions of her message all over campus; stickers she handed out are on our student's backpacks, "you rock" cards are being passed about, and most impressive, a student created "what makes you happy" board now resides in one of our dorms. She had a great effect on our community.

Tabor Academy
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