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Songwriter and recording artist Monte Selby works with thousands of students each year speaking at leadership conferences, providing student assemblies, and writing songs as a powerful literacy event. Selby has written over one hundred published songs that are heard on network television, radio, stage productions, commercials, and included on a 2012 Grammy Award winning album. Music Row magazine describes his songs as "a delightful variety" - "funky" - "astonishing" - "Wow"! Selby's performances ...

I attended NSMA and was blown away.

Belinda - Australia

Greetings from Moscow, Russia! Hope that you had a restful trip home. The five of us returned with renewed spirit thanks to the many things you said that inspired us . . . Keep doing the work that you are doing--you are awe inspiring.

Nicole - Moscow

He is a "heavy hitter" in addressing middle school issues. From laughter to very serious . . . all through his music.

Clark - Virginia

Thanks for your inspiring performance yesterday . . . your message on Sunday was terrific! I firmly believe in everything you talk about. . . . Thanks again for a wonderful presentation. You are NUMBER ONE in my book!

Tom - California

Only someone who has worked with kids in a school setting could possibly have put those songs together. I was so impressed by your ability to put words so succinctly and "hit the target," song after song.

Sheila - Utah
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