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Talking to kids about death
How do we have death discussions with children? What should we be telling children about death? In western societies we are very reluctant to talk to children about death. Often this is because we don't know what to say, how much detail to give or what children need to know. We think that we are...
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Living with Loss
We all experience significant losses in our lifetimes. Loss of relationships, loss of a job, loss of a home, loss of health, loss of physical ability, ageing and loss of someone significant due to a death. How we experience our loss is unique as is the grief that accompanies each and every loss....
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Depression can be the end of a career................or the beginning
"Having worked for most of my career with terminally ill people and their families, I was impatient and dismissive of people who were "depressed". I figured my patients had every right to be depressed, but rarely were and I couldn't understand why people who weren't faced with the same stresses...
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When someone you love is dying
We all think we're immortal, but as we grow older people we love will die. How prepared are we for death? Have we discussed death in our family and work communities? When someone close to us has died were we supported? Chances are we would answer "no" to these questions. This presentation...
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The compassionate workplace
People experiencing grief and loss are often poorly supported in their workplace, because colleagues don't know what to they don't say anything and the grieving person feels totally isolated. This presentation explores how we can build a workplace culture that acknowledges the...
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Leading with Emotional Intelligence
The days of the autocratic leader are over. As organisations compete for skilled and empowered workers, it is the organisations who invest in their leaders that will have the "pick of the crop". This presentation explores the concept of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence theory. It outlines...
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