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Defining Conversations

Audience: All members of an organization

What is the one key criterion that separates the best in the business from the pack? What is the most powerful force for connecting with other members of your organization, as well as clients? It is the ability to have a defining conversation.

In Defining Conversations, Mitch Anthony delivers the keys to becoming an effective conversationalist in an age that is obsessed with messaging, texting, and social media. Mitch’s groundbreaking presentation will show you why it’s so important not to lose the human touch in conversations with clients and colleagues. Participants will learn:

The two factors that define success or failure in conversation
How to identify and establish genuine and significant points of contact with each person they meet
How to recognize conversation saboteurs and stop them in their tracks
The one specific question that will guarantee success in all their business relationships

For more than a decade, Mitch Anthony has shown people how to become better communicators by using analogies and probing questions. Defining Conversations shows you how to stand out as memorable and exceptional—by honing your ability to converse in a meaningful way.

What Business Are You In?

Audience: Financial Services Professionals, including advisors and their teams

“This was a powerful presentation that helped me to get my head where it belongs––in the mind of my client, and toward a greater understanding of their story, and what they hope their money will buy. This will make my job easier and make me better at what I do.” - Advisor, Los Angeles

Are you in the money business and work with people, or are you in the people business and happen to work with money?

The right answer will determine your success––or failure––as a financial advisor. In fact, your future depends upon it.

This compelling keynote is designed to help advisors increase their value in the eyes of their clients by understanding how the following principles impact them (and their clients):
Advisors are primarily in the people business. Successful advisors know that clients aren’t just interested in money; they’re interested in what that money can do for them.
Advisors need to ramp up their knowledge about how people think and respond. Clients aren’t interested in what you’re selling or the fancy charts and graphs you produce to impress them; they’re interested in how you can help them reach their goals.
Advisors need to understand how each client thinks about money, and that no two clients think about it the same way.
Advisors need to connect their clients’ means to their meaning.

For your clients, it’s not about making money––it’s about reaching goals. The advisors who understand and embrace this message are the advisors who will succeed now and in the future. These are the advisors that know what business they’re in.

Moving from ROI to ROL
A Greater Return on Life

Audience: Financial services professionals

Developed by industry leader Mitch Anthony, The Return on Life™ approach and accompanying keynote addresses the two major dilemmas experienced by many top advisors: (1) work/life balance and (2) compensation.

The existing value propositions of recommending financial products and providing financial planning and asset management are all undergoing rapid commoditization. It is becoming increasingly difficult for advisors to differentiate themselves in a crowded, "me too" marketplace. The one value proposition that transcends becoming a commodity is the one that enables advisors to sell their wisdom, experience and insights. The hallmark of this new way of thinking is the unique manner in which success is measured, Return On Life™.

Audience members will walk away with a stronger understanding of this new model as well as answers to the following questions:

What is the next great value proposition that clients will be willing to pay for?

How do you change the perception you created as a product or process vendor?

How do you speak to what matters most to your clients?

How do you build a business model that is good for everyone involved: you, your client and your organization?

Using Your Intuition to Succeed (Sales)

Audience: Sales professionals

Mitch Anthony’s most popular presentation is based on his bestselling book, StorySelling for Financial Advisors. In this moving and illuminating speech, Mitch talks about the three aspects of becoming a more intuitive sales professional:

Understanding the power of emotion in the
decision-making process

Understanding your client’s story before attempting to tell your own story

Understanding the power of the analogy and metaphor in explaining your products and services

From the keynote:

"It’s all about making human connections–and it takes more than mathematical, selling, and organizational skills to make those connections. It takes intuitive insight and a desire to know who your clients are, so you can begin speaking a language they will understand.”

See firsthand why this timely presentation has consistently received rave reviews.

The Changing Face of Retirement (Professional Version)

Audience: There are two versions of this presentation available. The professional version is designed to educate organizations serving retirement-aged customers. Click here to view the client version, which is designed to help educate an organization’s client and customer base. The client version is also appropriate for organizations providing employee education regarding retirement.

Based on his groundbreaking book, The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Dreams…At Any Age You Want!, Mitch Anthony illustrates how to achieve the direction and financial security necessary to live the life you really want beginning now.

Mitch challenges his audience to abandon their traditional thinking about retirement by dispelling the six great "retiremyths:"
Myth #1: Age 65 is old
Myth #2: Retirement means not working
Myth #3: You have to reach age 62 in life to do what you want
Myth #4: Retirement is an economic event
Myth #5: A life of ease is the ultimate retirement goal
Myth #6: You can do this by yourself

In the future, retirement will no longer be viewed as an isolated economic event but instead will be seen as part of ongoing life planning. The Changing Face of Retirement will show your audience how to achieve the freedom to pursue their own goals, at their own pace, and find a sense of balance in life…regardless of someone’s age.

Financial Life Planning (for Professionals)

Financial Life Planning (for Professionals)

Audience: Financial Services Professionals, including advisors and their teams

Based on Mitch’s breakthrough book, Your Clients For Life, this presentation focuses on how advisors can begin to move their practices toward the financial life planning model – where every product and service is tied directly to the life transitions and goals of the client.

Financial Life Planning (FLP) is a discovery process that focuses on who the client is instead of just on what he or she has. By using Mitch’s model, advisors can demonstrate to clients how every aspect of their lives has an impact on their wealth-building or wealth-protecting process.

Four areas of client discovery are taught in the FLP discovery model:

Client history

Current and approaching life transitions

The importance of making goals tangible

The principles that guide clients' lives and money

From the keynote:

"The best analogy of Financial Life Planning came from Elizabeth Jetton, who said: 'You have a 200 piece jigsaw puzzle on the table in front of you. What is the first and most important piece? It’s not the corner piece, it’s the picture on the cover of the box! Until you know what that picture is for your client, all you’re doing is moving pieces around the table. Financial Life Planning is about knowing the picture before we start moving the pieces.'”

Your Client's Story

Audience: Sales professionals

Most clients invest less than a third of their assets with a financial advisor, while others entrust 100 percent. Find out what the secret is to their astounding success. Revolutionize your financial advisory business by forging an unbreakable bond with your clients to become an advisor with whom those clients entrust everything they own.

Participants will learn what Mitch discovered when studying the winning approaches used by financial advisors who manage 100 percent of thier clients' assets. The most successful advisors have a genuine ability to engage in a discovery dialogue where clients openly express their financial objectives and motivations. The best financial advisors know how to listen, ask the right questions, and create an atmosphere of empathy. Mitch Anthony will show you how to incorporate these skills into your own practice.

What is Your Fiscalosophy?

Do you understand your client’s philosophy on investments and money matters? Do you understand the experiences that shaped (and continue to shape) their views? If not, you may find out when it’s too late, and they’ve left you for another advisor. Do your clients understand your fiscal philosophy and the things you believe in? Most importantly, do you and your clients share the same fiscalosophy?

Fiscalosophy is one’s philosophy about money, and if you’re going to represent your client’s interest, you both need to share the same beliefs. After all, if you and your clients don’t have anything in common, how can you serve them? Developing a sound fiscalosophy involves:

Getting the right clients

Keeping those clients in good times and bad

Making sure your clients understand they have the right financial advisor, one who can help ensure they maintain the correct perspective in times of trouble and temptation

Good investment results are the end result of prudence, patience, and a sound investment policy; in other words a sound fiscalosophy. How we think about money is just as important as how we manage it. Learn what it takes to help clients understand your philosophy and for you to help clients articulate their own fiscalosophy.

The BEST Response in the Worst of Times

Audience: Financial Services Professionals, including advisors and their teams

How you respond right now will live forever in your client’s memory bank. It is in times of crisis and challenge that clients either run for the exit or forge connections for life with their providers.

At this moment we are living in the greatest Bull Market in history…for building relationships. Those who recognize this opportunity and take on the roles of encourager, empathizer, and hope-builder are laying the foundation for enormous success in the future.

The time has come to turn off the purveyors of panic and to deal with the larger issues that impact our financial success:

Operate with those who abide by sound principles
Affirm fiscal philosophy
Capitalize on opportunities that may never return
Instill hope and perspective into each client’s life

Heroes are never made when the tide is high but emerge in the most challenging of circumstances. When the rest of the world is wringing their hands in frustration, the Opti-Mystic realizes that now is the time to make a difference.

Mitch will help advisors develop a better understanding of what their clients want––and need––during these uncertain economic times:

Confronting Foolishness and Greed
Capital Markets and Excess
Grandma’s Economics
A Bedrock Fiscal PHILOSOPHY
The 3 Rules for Success
Investment Philosophy Statement
What has Changed?
Insulating Ourselves from Purveyors of Panic
The Proactivity Preface
The Billion-Dollar Response
Bull Market for Building Relationships
A Permanent Marker
Where OPTI-MYSTICS Flourish
What Optimism Really Is
The Power of Intentionality
How Opti-Mystics Flourish
The Audacity of Hope

Moving from Me to We
Achieving a Team Dynamic with Colleagues and Clients

Audience: All members of an organization

An insightful look at why we naturally connect with some of our clients, customers, and colleagues while others cause us so much stress. You will gain valuable insights on how your personality affects others, how to read personality signals, and how to adjust your approach so that interactions become more comfortable and fulfilling.

Based on Mitch Anthony's acclaimed program, T.E.A.M. Dynamics™, participants will learn how to:

Capitalize on their personality strengths

Manage their personality deficiencies

Build partnerships with all types of personalities

Adjust presentations and communications to resonate with all styles

Read body language and vocal signals

Motivate each type of personality to action

Diminish personality-based workplace stress

5 Skills for Building Stronger Client Relationships

Audience: Sales professionals

In today's ultra-competitive business environment, it's not enough for sales professionals to be adept at technical and tactical skills such as getting appointments, making presentations, and closing deals.

To really succeed, they must develop and apply their relational skills—or what is known as emotional intelligence—to help them connect with people, recognize customer wants and needs, and build strong, lasting relationships.

Based on his groundbreaking book, Selling with Emotional Intelligence, Mitch Anthony teaches participants how emotional intelligence relates to sales performance. Participants will learn what emotional intelligence is, and how to apply the concepts to improve their sales success.

The program, based on Mitch’s A.R.R.O.W.™ Program, covers five steps:

Awareness: Tuning into your natural strengths and weaknesses.

Restraint: Identifying negative emotions that can damage relationships, inflict pain, and cost money.

Resilence: Learning to develop an optimistic, persistent nature.

Others (Empathy): Discerning feelings and motives; learning to be a better listener and observer.

Working with Others (Building Rapport): Communicating; learning to relate to and lead others.

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