Mimi Bliss Text Reviews

“Your technique gets everyone in the audience involved and feeling engaged, and, most importantly, they take home knowledge and skills they can use immediately and as they grow.”
David Glasgow - USDA Rural Development
“Mimi Bliss is an exceptional instructor for presentation skills.  She has a model for preparation, and is precise and to the point about the delivery.  We have included Mimi as an instructor in every Scarlett Leadership Program curriculum with tremendous results.”
Joe Scarlett, Retired Chairman and CEO - Tractor Supply Co.
"Among the 300-plus courses available in our online course catalog, Mimi's session on presentation skills for attorneys is among the most popular. Watching her webcast is almost like receiving a personal one-on-one coaching session."
Barry Kolar, Associate Executive Director - Tennessee Bar Association
“Mimi knows how to explain and demonstrate her knowledge of dealing with the media in various situations. Because of her extensive background she is able to apply her experience into every day situations that readily identify with her audience. To sum up, Mimi is wonderful to work with.”
Scot Macomber Vice President, Loss Control Utility Operations - AEGIS Insurance Services
In an environment where we are all trying to keep from becoming a commodity, Mimi provides tools to allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition.
David Jones - First Horizon Bank
If you want to get better at presenting and connecting with your audience or if you want your team to do the same -- hire Mimi. She is a total pro and will teach you a lot in a fun, engaging, and easy to understand approach.
Jamie LaJoie - Cision
Mimi opened our team up to ideas on how to make their virtual meetings more relational. This was very important to us because we are in a relationship-driven business. I really appreciate the wisdom Mimi can bring to the "table."
Gina Pruitt - KraftCPAs
One big takeaway for me is that you can still engage participants effectively in online training. Your class today gives me a lot more confidence.
Beth Phillips - University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services