Gov Mike Huckabee | Host of TV's "Huckabee", NYT's Bestselling Author and Leading Commentator

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Gov Mike Huckabee

Host of TV's "Huckabee", NYT's Bestselling Author and Leading Commentator

Gov Mike Huckabee
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The Trump Triumph
Why He Won and Why the Media / Politicos Never Saw it Coming

The phenomenon of Donald Trump’s historic disruption of the American political system is a total surprise to some - but not all! Governor Mike Huckabee wrote about the movement and ideas in his NY Times Bestseller “God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy.”

Gov Huckabee posited that in his own candidacy, and eventually Trump's, why and how a grassroots campaign would happen. During the general election, Gov Huckabee was an early - and often lonely! - voice predicting Mr. Trump's success.

Combining first-hand experience with Mr. Trump and nearly 40 years political engagement with the Clintons, Gov speaks from a unique perspective. He speaks with clarity and comfort to those scratching their heads on both sides of the political aisle.

In this keynote, Gov Huckabee will share the current political realities and possible future actions, and he prepare attendees for what could be "next".

The Pursuit of the Presidency and the Perfectly Insane American Process

Gov. Huckabee presents insights and experiences from the American political system and all the the details and struggles it takes to run for office.

Quit Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork

Governor Mike Huckabee motivates audiences to better health. With his new 12 "Stop" program, he encourages people to break free from the destructive habits that threaten their health and self-esteem. According to Huckabee, focusing solely on weight loss usually leads to failure, and attention to total body health is the only way to truly succeed. Filled with Huckabee's realistic lifestyle changes, practical fitness approach, and southern humor, QUIT DIGGING YOUR GRAVE WITH A KNIFE AND FORK motivates the audience to take action and realize fitness is not a fad, it's forever.

America's Health Crisis - Will it Bankrupt Our Future?

Gov. Huckabee weighs in on the high cost of obesity in our nation and what long term impacts may result from our fast food culture.

Living to Lead

Huckabee takes the lessons he has learned from his political career and shares his personal insight, and tools to becoming a great leader.

Too Funny to Be True, But it IS!

Total entertainment program with true, but hilarious stories from politics, the South, and travels. Nothing serious here but the laughter for after dinner programs or other occasions when the audience just wants to have some fun.

Weapons of Mass Instruction

Music and the Arts are a must for our educational system. In this keynote, Gov. Huckabee explains the role that music education played in developing his political and media career.

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Gov Mike Huckabee

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