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Mike Staver
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Leadership Isn't for Cowardsby Mike Staver

Leadership Isn't for Cowards

by Mike Staver
A no-nonsense guide to driving performance while still maintaining a great place to work

Leadership Isn't For Cowards offers straightforward steps to leading courageously and practical tips for driving performance. Courageous leadership means toughening your approach by being rigorous in the application of your values through the company culture. It means confronting and challenging people, and not letting them get away with being less than you know they can be. The path to courageous leadership has six components: Accept Your Current Circumstances, Take Responsibility, Take Action, Acknowledge Progress, Commit to Lifelong Learning, and Kindle Relationships. These manageable steps include:

  • Identify the area in your business or life where a gap exists between your current reality and your desired reality
  • Align yourself with a person or a group of people who can commit to holding you accountable for closing the gap
  • Make a specific commitment to the outcome(s) you want and assign dates to them

With courageous leadership, you'll create a culture and a mindset that encourages and demands excellence! Follow these steps to bring out the best in your employees and lead your company to significant success.

Navigating Crazy
How to Live and Work Sanely in an Insane World

We live in a world where things are coming at you faster than ever and performing at your best is harder than it’s ever been. What are you supposed to DO with life and work difficulty? What are the best ways to navigate the ups and downs that are an inevitable part of both life and work?

One thing is for sure; the old ways aren’t working anymore. But there is good news. There are new ways. There are BETTER ways. And this session will give you a whole new skill set for dealing with these changing times.

Participants will learn:

• How to retain your power, control, and influence in the face of circumstances beyond your control

• How to find a path forward that is both successful and realistic

• Six things you can do RIGHT NOW to maintain focus, increase peace of mind and decrease anxiety

Leadership Isn’t for Cowards

We live in an age when it is more and more challenging to manage all the information, demands and challenges that are coming at us. It takes real courage to stand firm in what you believe and then to get your followers to understand what really matters and how to execute effectively. Your ability to influence your followers is key to every step of creating significant results. Courage is the key element in that process.

Participants will learn:

• The real definition of courage

• The three most important steps you will ever take

• The power of commitment

• What your followers do, really do, when you are not around

• The primary motivator of all people

• The three things every leader can do to insure leadership failure

• The importance of high gain activity and how to do more of it • Six steps that will insure effective execution

How to Build a High-Performance Culture

What do you stand for? What does your company stand for? Are your values clear? Are they obvious to customers, staff, and the community? Is your company optimally positioned and differentiated by the consistent application of your vision and core values?

Most leaders and organizations are moving at such a rapid pace that taking a step back to think about these things seems like a luxury when, in fact, it couldn't be more crucial. It doesn't matter where your company and your industry stands in the growth cycle. Focusing on who you are and what you stand for is the most critical thing you can do.

Participants will learn:

• How to identify and apply their core values to their leadership

• How to align their behavior with what they say they believe

• How to be powerfully influential regardless of level of authority • How to build accountability and improve efficiency

• How to Build a High-Performance Culture

Winning Is No Accident

Every day massive accomplishments are realized all over the world: diseases being cured; teams winning championships; innovative products going to market; and a host of other positive experiences. These things do not happen by accident. They happen as the direct results of certain fundamental principles. The good news is these principles aren't a secret; they aren't hidden in some far-off locale, waiting to be unearthed. They are ready and available for you right now. However, while these life and business-transforming principles are simple, they are not always simple to implement. Here is an opportunity to learn and apply EXACTLY what you need to do to accomplish outstanding results.

Participants will learn:

• The equation that creates the highest likelihood of success

• The four key principles to pacing yourself effectively

• How to deal with obstacles and opportunities

Mike Staver
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