Mike Robbins Text Reviews

Mike Robbins has a unique ability to open people’s minds, touch their hearts, and teach valuable lessons about life and business. I have personally benefited from his work, as have so many of the people on my team.
Jack Calhoun, President - Banana Republic
Mike is a gifted storyteller and talented speaker. His talks on authentic leadership and appreciation, and his exercises to ‘lower the waterline’ and build trust have been incredibly effective to both my management team as well as an international audience of 600. I have consistently received rave reviews from colleagues on Mike’s various efforts within Google.
Alan Moss, VP of U.S. Sales - Google
You gave each of the 1,600 people within our group tips and techniques for enhanced success – individually and collectively. Thank you for the positive impact you have had on our business.
John Montero, VP Human Resources - Wells Fargo Bank
Mike Robbins is an amazing speaker! His powerful message resonates with our players, coaches, and front office staff, which is why we have invited him in to speak numerous times. He truly has helped us be a championship team.
Leilani Gayles, Chief People Officer - San Francisco Giants
Your enthusiasm and passion were contagious. Your understanding and empathy for many of the obstacles these people face connected you to the group. I am confident that those in attendance were effectively given a vision of what they can become in the future through your example.
Steve Braden, VP Pacific Zone - New York Life Insurance
You gave us so much to think about and many good pieces of advice that will help all of us to be more successful on and off the field.
A.J. Hinch, Assistant General Manager - San Diego Padres
Your remarks had a direct impact on the attendees, as they now know that in order to succeed we must appreciate ourselves and those we work with.
Joe McGarry, Director, Human Resources - Kaiser Permanente
Your presentation was excellent and highly informative. Your openness and enthusiasm made it very easy to relate to the information you shared.
Susan Simoni Burk, Assistant Athletic Director - Stanford University