Mike Rayburn Text Reviews

Mike was absolutely fabulous!!
Anne Widga - National Research Corporation
Mike's ability to deliver messages around the "What If, Why Not?" and "Master What Matters" themes were simply among the best I have heard in over 20 years of booking keynote speakers!
Nancy Bass - Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
What a rare combination of musical talent, humor and a meaningful message!
Madison Jobe - Stockade Companies
It is no surprise that he would be receiving standing ovations at Carnegie Hall. He probably could get away with being a "diva," but I am so grateful that he was so gracious. He definitely was a great fit for us and exceeded our expectations.
Kimberly Jenkins - Keybank USA
MIKE WAS UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME!!! He's so inspiring! He blew my socks off!"
Sandy Harris - Hilton Hotels
Mike and his presentation were awesome--it was way more than the rest and I expected. His opening was amazing! A nice change of pace for us. This was our 9th annual conference and his presentation was what we needed and we didn't even know it.
Amy Wyer - University of Texas Systems
Mike is a great start to any meeting! He made me look very good and I appreciate that! I cannot recommend him enough. FANTASTIC!
Cynthia Mustaine-Hettinger - Lincoln Financial Group
Mike Rayburn should become a staple of the Call Center Conference. He was excellent as well as uplifting. PHENOMENAL!
Amy Vigil - Credit Union Association of New Mexico
Mike is a great start to any meeting! He made me look very good and I appreciate that! I cannot recommend him enough…FANTASTIC!
Cynthia Mustaine-Hettinger - Lincoln Financial Group
Mike has a unique presentation that exhibited much creativity and entertained our audience while providing a meaningful message. We would be happy to book Mike again in the future for another venue.
Michael D. Colgan, CAE - Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs
Mike was a perfect fit for our program, which served both as a thank you to our volunteers as well as offering them a great message of never setting limitations for yourself. I hope to find other opportunities in the future where I can bring Mike back.
Ron Arrigo, Director of Professional Development & Education - Nebraska Bankers Association
Mike was fabulous! The attendees loved his energy and pizzazz! He was definitely a high point of the conference!
Evella Parks - Cendant Mortgage
He was FABULOUS!!! I may have to skip the entertainment next year because I'm not sure anyone could follow in his footsteps.
Paula Tignor - Virginia Bankers Association
All I can say is FABULOUS!! You were awesome! My group still talks about how incredible you were. Thanks for one of the most memorable performances we've ever had!
Michelle McCormack, CMP - Farm Credit Bank of Texas
The show was FABULOUS! We loved him.
Mary Zaborski - Merrill Lynch
It was an outstanding show. Everyone loved him and he was very gracious and easy to work with.
Chuck Mountz - Illinois Bankers Assn.
Mike was OUTSTANDING! Even in the short time we had he was absolutely awesome. What a talent and perfect program for our luncheon.
Karen Miller, Senior Vice President - Nebraska Bankers Association
Mike Rayburn was the best keynote speaker we have had so far. That will be hard to top. What I liked best is he showed you how it applies to each one of us and how to do it.
Moneytree, Inc.