Mike Pompeo | 70th Secretary of State (2018-2021), Former Director of CIA (2017-2018)

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Mike Pompeo

70th Secretary of State (2018-2021), Former Director of CIA (2017-2018)

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Mike Pompeo
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Small Team or Complex Organization -- One Common Task (LEADERSHIP)

From assistant manager at Baskin-Robbins to being fourth in line for the Presidency, Mike Pompeo has demonstrated his ability to harness the best of every team member to deliver quality, mission-focused outcomes. His experience set – including tank platoon leader, cavalry troop executive officer, small business machine shop CEO, Congressman from Kansas, CIA Director and most recently Secretary of State – has honed Secretary Pompeo’s command of the central tenets of leadership that have helped him build successful, impactful teams for over three decades.

With this keynote, Secretary Pompeo shares experiences and encourages attendees to consider various points of view. This serious, yet joy-filled exposition of how Mike has lived out his sense of duty and commitment to excellence should bring a smile to lots of faces, along with an arsenal of ideas.

Lessons From Leading Talented People from Machinists to Espionage Professionals (LEADERSHIP)

We’ve all read good spy novels, but what’s a leader to do when he is tasked with running the world’s finest espionage service focused on delivering for the greatest nation in the history of civilization?

In this keynote, Mike shares highly-unclassified-but-unique stories about his time as the Director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and how his previous leadership experiences—including as CEO of a manufacturing company--helped him deliver the best information for America’s national security leaders.

The opportunity of a lifetime to ask, “is area 51 real?” or “was America responsible for [pick your favorite]?”. You’ll get, some, answers.

A Few Moments Matter Most, Prepare Well and Crush Them (CRISIS MANAGEMENT)

Secretary Mike Pompeo’s military experience, business leadership and public service have cemented one idea: There are a few moments that make or break a team’s success. Every other moment must be aimed at preparing for them.
Whether meeting with Chairman Kim Jong Un or pitching for a contract your company must have to survive, you must have built your team around preparing for these moments. Some moments come as crisis, some as planned culminations of prolonged efforts, but, either way, the daily discipline both personal and team-wide is crucial.

In this keynote, Secretary Pompeo shares the moments where he and his teams had the chance to make a big difference. Hear details of the largest worldwide emergency repatriation effort ever conducted by the U.S. He will challenge the attendees to build for those turning points and to seize the opportunities when they present themselves.

Invite, Don’t Dodge, Difficulty--Grab Challenges and Improve Everyone Around You (CRISIS MANAGEMENT)

Asking for a raise, telling the President he’s got it wrong or pulling out the driver when a 3-iron probably gets it done. Secretary Pompeo has spent a good amount of his life out of the comfort zone and challenging himself and his team to do what seems hard. This applies as much to his most important purpose – being a good husband and father -- as it does to delivering a tough message to a dictator with nuclear weapons.

A Kansan, Mike shares funny tales from times at his family’s farm, his days in charge of M-1 tanks and his time traveling the globe as America’s most senior diplomat that reinforce the central idea that good things follow from pushing boundaries and taking risk.

Inside Negotiations on the World Stage (NEGOTIATION)

How do countries, companies and family members who appear to have no common ground, establish a baseline and find matching interests? Hear Secretary Pompeo share negotiation strategies he has employed—in the corporate world after 9-11, in multi-party settings -- such as the negotiations that led to the historical Middle East Abraham Accords, and with his own family members.

Mike negotiated with Chairman Kim in North Korea, sat across the table from the Taliban, laid down a path for China’s leaders that would chart the China-U.S. relationship, and sat with European leaders in critical negotiations for America. A “win” is defined differently in each setting. But, nothing will be as memorable as Secretary Pompeo’s insights from negotiations aimed at returning Americans to their loved ones as Secretary Pompeo led a hostage negotiation team for the President that has been touted by many as having “unparalleled success.”

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Mike Pompeo

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