Mike Mullane Text Reviews

Thank you Mike, for emphasizing the importance of working as a team toward the ultimate goal of safety! He opened our eyes to what it would be like to be an astronaut; his delivery was effective and relevant to our members.
Barb Deans - Wisconsin Safety Council
Our group REALLY enjoyed your presentation and as one delegate said to me, "I went into the room wondering what an astronaut could teach me about safety and came out with a terrific new insight into how safety works on the jobsite".
Conference Chair - Pacific Safety Conference
. . . our listeners, from Analysts to Partners, benefited from your messages. It was evident how much of an impact you made when I could hear your same messages repeated during the remainder of the day by leaders who delivered the afternoon sessions.
I could not miss the opportunity to tell you how absolutely pleased, entertained and educated we were, by Mike Mullane's talk to our group. I cannot think of a better, more focused and 'spot on' talk. I will certainly recommend him for future engagements.
US Bank
I believe many walked away with a validated sense of priority for their projects and initiatives. Mike managed to impart some very wise and important messages about team play and individual responsibility.
American Automobile Association
The feedback from the TL Forum last month on your keynote has been simply tremendous. I have personally fielded numerous requests for the slides you presented specific to teamwork and leadership.
Boston Scientific
It was not only an inspiring and informative presentation, but also just the right mix of being lighthearted, entertaining and humorous which was needed after a couple days of intensive sales training. You hit the right blend of teamwork and leadership.
Merrill Corporation
You will be pleased to hear that your messages are reverberating around the hallways here. I don't recall any other speaker who has created so much positive dialogue. Well done!
We have had management retreats for the past ten years and your presentation was the most successful one ever. Thank you very much for your words of wisdom, which apply to every aspect of our business. The feedback from everyone was extremely positive!
I was able to review your presentation with my team and interject my feelings of teamwork, EVERYONE'S responsibility for safety, etc . . . This generated a lively discussion around what we could do for each other in terms of building trust and rapport.
Oregon OSHA Safety Conference
YOU WERE WONDERFUL!!! Everyone is still talking about you and your messages! Thank you again. You truly were an inspiration.
The response on your presentation has been exceptional.
Pacific Gas & Electric
I was lucky enough to have been invited by Shell to hear your presentation in Olds, AB. When it comes to safety, teamwork is paramount and your lessons concerning teamwork were presented in a fashion that ensures they will easily come to mind when needed.
I had the pleasure to attend your presentation on May 14th in Minneapolis. You did an outstanding job . . . If I ever have the opportunity to recommend a speaker for any major event here at 3M, your name will be at the top of the list . . .
3M Safety Department
I got a chance to sit in on your presentation during the National Safety Council Congress in Orlando and was impressed. Your presentation, by far, was the best that I attended while at the conference.
Ground Safety Manager - Nebraska Air National Guard
What a wonderful story on how a single person can still make a difference. Many thanks for entertaining and motivating us to stay the course in our pursuit of safety excellence.
Texas Chemical Council
I was in the audience for your speech on Safety and Health. Then I presented a two-day course on Fall Protection and threaded your thoughts and maxims into my presentation. Thanks again Mike for your infusion.
Oregon Governor's Safety Conference
Everyone was super impressed with Mike's keynote speech! His information hit home and he addressed the topics that we are trying to impress on our team members 1. the importance performing proper PMs and maintaining reliable equipment, 2. Intelligence, expertise and experience can come from anyone, anywhere - we just need to be actively listening, and 3. See something, say something, do something don't just walk away because it's someone else's job.
Americold Corporate