Mike Adams

Mike Adams, Motivation motivational, business, Motivation, customer service, Customer Relationships, Global Business Mike Adams, Motivation motivational, business, Motivation, customer service, Customer Relationships, Global Business

Mike Adams Bio

"Practical Actions- Real Results" --- "Sigma Shmigma TM"

Mike is president of Mike Adams & Company, LLC, a management consulting and creative services practice. Mike's presentations cover 30 years of lessons learned in theme areas of operating discipline, business planning and alignment, customer satisfaction, and quality and change management. A highly rated speaker driven by real, no sugar coated examples with high energy and humor. Mike has authored a series of collaborative reports on answering global CEO challenges and was contributing writer to "Leadership Prescription for the Future of Quality," reports published by The Conference Board.

Mike's last corporate assignment was vice president of quality for Allegheny Energy, Inc. -- a $3.3 billion electric utility with approximately 1.5 million customers in the Northeast United States. He joined Allegheny as a member of a turnaround executive team in 2004 to transform a challenged company to a high-performance organization. Working directly for the chairman, CEO and president and partnering with the executive team leaders, Mike developed, deployed and coached on the business planning, quality practices, technical applications and skills for high performers.

Mike co-owned Allegheny Energy's customer satisfaction strategy and shared responsibility in delivering predictable business results reflected in the company's balance scorecard. Outcome results included:

- Highest customer satisfaction ranking in company's history
- Upper decile low cost provider
- 70% improvement in safety (upper quartile)
- 60% improvement in reliabilty
- Year over year improvement in employee engagement

Previous career experiences include:

* Microsoft's Director of Global Performance Excellence 2000-2004
* Managing partner for a consulting and creative services practice
* 21 years leadership capacities at Florida Power & Light and FPL Group including depts of engineering, budgets, division management and quality
* Unit adviser for FPL in 1989 when we won the Deming Prize,-- the first non-Japanese company in the world to receive this quality management award administered by the Union of Scientists and Engineers.

Mike has bachelor's degree in engineering from University of Florida and an MBA from Florida Atlantic University. He is a Fellow of American Society for Quality and has served as co-chair for the flagship Quality Council of the Conference Board, past Board director for the Baldrige Foundation, examiner for the Baldrige National Quality Award, judge for the USA Today Quality Cup and immediate past chair of the Juran Medal for Distinguished Leadership.

A worldwide speaker, Mike has keynoted for the Sterling Council on The Power of Teams and has facilitated the Florida Executive Roundtable since 2010. He has spoken at several Lean and Sigma Conferences (2000-2008); the International Convention on Quality in Tokyo (2005) and had the privilege to provide the keynote address at the 10th anniversary of the Florida Quality Conference in 2002, the Glasser Lecture Series at Rochester Institute of Technology, and at the inaugural International Convention for Quality in Beijing in 1997. His topics include global quality, benchmarking, privatization, management performance and Six Sigma.