Michele Phillips Bio

Michele Phillips is the president of Key Performance and the author of Happiness is a Habit - Simple Daily Rituals That Increase Energy, Improve Well-Being and Add Joy to Every Day (Cedar Fort Publishing 2013). Michele's professional experience spans over 20 years facilitating engaging workshops, seminars and coaching programs with Fortune 500 companies around the globe including: TAG Heuer, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Barclay's Capital, The New York State Bridge Authority and COACH leather, just to name a few.

Michele specializes in increasing happiness and individual performance in the workplace. By utilizing the latest findings of neuroscience, habits and positive psychology, Michele shares the formula for happiness and success in an enjoyable and enthusiastic manner.

Michele's boundless energy will instantly grab you, and her can do attitude is delightfully infectious. Even better her message is so practical that it can be applied and utilized immediately.

Michele holds numerous certifications and has trained thousands of leaders, and individual contributors in the science of habits, emotional intelligence, and peak performance. Michele holds a M.A in Organizational Development from Fordham University and is a certified practitioner in the field of Positive Psychology. She is a contributing writer for Consumer Health Digest, she enjoys coaching high performing leaders, is a featured guest on many national television and radio programs, and her book was cited in the top five most popular self-help books on Amazon this past August.