Michael J. Tougias

Michael J. Tougias Michael J. Tougias
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Michael J. Tougias: 14 Steps To Strategic Decision Making: JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis (Gulf Coast CEO Forum)
Michael J. Tougias: "Decision Making Under Pressure: from Survive and Thrive" (Annual Meeting MA Library Association)
Michael J. Tougias: Leadership Lessons From the Finest Hours (Bridgewater State College)
Michael J. Tougias: Nicholas College
Michael J. Tougias: Library Dedication

Michael J. Tougias

New York Times Best-Selling Author of 29 Books

About Michael J. Tougias

A passionate decision-making expert and author of several national bestsellers, including The Finest Hours, which the Disney Corporation turned into major motion picture released in 2016. Tougias is a dynamic speaker who shares what he has learned from survivors and rescuers about decision-making, goal attainment, and resilience. He also has studied and written about President Kennedy's deliberations during the Cuban Missile Crisis and reveals how we can all learn from JFK's determination, ...

Mike and his presentation were fantastic. We could not have asked for a better person to speak at our college. Can't say enough superlatives. Hope we can have him back someday!

Brent Philips, Dean - Cloud County Community College

As you begin planning for 2019, consider Michael Tougias. We just had him last week and he received all 5's- our highest rated speaker this year and the group raved about him. Loved his takeaways and so enjoyed Michael. He presents a wonderful talk on 14 steps to Strategic Decision Making and brings in his new book "Above and Beyond" which brings in John F. Kennedy and American's Most Dangerous Cold War Spy Mission. Michael is so kind and easy to work with and I hope you will consider him for your group.

Kim Miele, Executive Director - Gulf Coast CEO Forum

Members feedback was so positive, and we had over 750 people in the audience. We loved the inspirational messages.

Kathleen Keenan - North Platte Town Lecture Series

You were great. The applause was as powerful as your talk.

Briana Silvio - Axial Financial

A great presentation especially because of the decision-making lessons from this event that can help all of us in our job performance.

Scott Patterson, Sr VP and Coordinator - The Loss Control Forum

It's rare to have a speaker hit a home run for both content and delivery like Michael did.

Allen Carlson - University of Florida
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