Micheal Burt

Micheal Burt

Energy of a Ziglar, Methodology of a Covey

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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MICHEAL J. BURT represents the new age leader: the Zebra and the Cheetah. Part coach, part entrepreneur, and all leader, Coach Burt is the go-to guy for entrepreneurs who want to become people of interest, salespeople who want to be superstars, and managers who want to be coaches. He is a former championship coach and the author of nine books. His radio show, Change Your Life Radio, can be heard globally on iheart.com (WLAC). His client list ranges from small entrepreneurial firms to multi-billion ...

We learned more about business and success under Coach Burt in six months than we did in fifteen years and six previous managers. He put us in the driver sear of our own futures.

Country Music Stars, Nashville TN - The Herrick Band, Nashville TN

My business showed a 94% improvement year over year as a result of Coach Burt's structures and systems. He taught us how to build a team that maximized each of our strengths and multiplied our results in a BIG way.

Les Walden, CEO - Les Walden Real Estate, Clemson SC

If you're serious about breaking through in your life, then there is one person who will challenge you like very few can, and it's Coach Burt. Tell him what you want to accomplish and he'll see to it that you get there.

Shane Reeves, CEO - Reeves Sain, Murfreesboro, TN

Three hours with Coach Burt and you walk away transformed. He stimulates you to think and dream bigger than anyone I know. He'll challenge you, and for an old dog like me, he gets my motor running and helps keep me on fire to do bigger things.

Ralph Huff, CEO - H and H Homes, Fayettviille, NC
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