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Dr. Matthew X. Joseph Dr. Matthew X. Joseph

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Matt was fantastic in this session with a room full of teachers! Never easy. His enthusiastic messages helped bring the focus right to the heart of education - students! Matt brought a menu of ideas of active learning opportunities for innovation in the classroom.

Elizabeth Westword, Instructional Coach - York Public Schools

This was my first year at the ICE Conference. I was looking for a motivating and supportive session for leaders. Matt quickly showed he had the ability to speak to every person in the room regardless of role in leadership.

He highlighted the importance of building a foundation of trust and drive, and his passionate stories about creating a climate for staff and students to be successful gave hope to the leaders in the room.

Amber Goodwind, Principal - Hammond School District

I am very energized as a new teacher after a rough first month. Listening to Matt at this event sharing strategies to advocate while allowing me to feel OK about growing on the job was what I needed. Plus, his ideas will get me to June.

Austin Brooks, Teacher - Northboro Public Schools

Matt was amazing! He was able to connect with our teachers (even some I thought wouldn't pick their heads up) and helped them understand WHY they were in schools! I would highly recommend Matt for any educational event!

Richard Kinnas, Curriculum Director - Manchester Public Schools

Matt hit it out of the park as the keynote for our school district. He did his homework and gave attentive to our current traditions and culture. He visited the schools before and used photos of OUR schools in his presentation. He was inspirational and real.

Karen Warren, Central Office Leader - Concord Public Schools

I was impressed, more than I thought when I decided to sign up. Matt killed it today down here in Orlando at FECT! I laughed, I reflected, I even questioned some of my current practices. I came back to school a better Principal!

James Martin, Principal - Orlando Schools

Matt's ability and experience to reach our entire faculty gave him believability and his strategies stretched their thinking and ability to respect the current styles while depicting a future of how students learn.

Brett Burger, Central Office - Keene Public Schools