Mark Mayfield

Mark Mayfield NSB, change, Agriculture, Customer Service/Experience, Humor & Entertainment, Motivation Mark Mayfield NSB, change, Agriculture, Customer Service/Experience, Humor & Entertainment, Motivation

Mark Mayfield Text Reviews

Your Keynote Address in the morning and the Awards Banquet Presentation that night were the best ever. To hold an audience's attention with a strong target message that entertains them at the same time with related hysterical comedy is a rare talent.
Crownline Boats
It's amazing that you are able to keep everyone laughing continuously and still deliver a very important message to them!
Friends University
What can I say......they all loved you!
Merck & Co.
Our employees were absolutely spellbound with your performance and talked about it for months! You are incredible!"
Verizon Wireless
Mark was AWESOME!! We had nothing but positive feedback from our group about him. I asked several people at cocktail hour that evening what they thought. Some comments were: he was great; he was funny; it was nice to have someone that could be humorous without being raunchy; his talk fit in with our Chairman which was a message about change and how people don't typically like to change.
Karen Weidauer - Stifel Investment Corp.
Thanks again for your sessions at our Leadership Conferences. You did such a fantastic job at all our events. Our people said you were by far the best guest speaker we have ever had. It's so hard to find a content-filled program that is entertaining but you made it look easy! Thanks again for the laughs and the great information.
Amanda Laycock - Wells Fargo
You were a hit at our Awards Program Lunch and everyone raved about your program. You were absolutely hilarious. And I really appreciate you tying your message of change to the speaker from the previous day. In all my years of hiring speakers, I have to say unequivocally you were the best.
Debbie Kaylor - National Cattlemen's Beef Association
Mark will bring down the house with his clever stories and his great message. Plus he took the time to visit with the audience and make them laugh before and after the meeting which was as memorable as his keynote remarks. Great value, great speaker!
Bruce Graham - Kansas Rural Electric Cooperatives
You rock! What humor and what training!
U.S. Army
You were insightful AND hilarious! Many of your comments could be heard in the hallways for days afterward. AWESOME!
H&R Block
Rarely do we find someone who so thoroughly investigates our organization. You got immediate buy-in from the audience. You were simply amazing!
Your performance was once again superb. You had us eating out of your hand. You delivered the messages we asked and had our people in stitches.
American Express