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Maria Murnane Speech Topics

Following Your Dream
This speech is Maria Murnane’s remarkable personal story, an exciting and entertaining tale of the courage it took for her to abandon a successful career in pursuit of a more fulfilling life. The ensuing journey took her halfway across the world and resulted in her becoming a best-selling...
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This speech explains the critical role communication plays in making a professional impression. Through colorful yet tangible examples, the audience will learn how to make a positive impression in written, verbal, and non-verbal communication, as well as how to avoid unwittingly making a negative...
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This inspirational speech will delight any woman who has an idea for a business, however small, brewing in the back of her head. Why not just try it? The audience will learn the steps Maria Murnane used to her make her own plan a reality. Based on her experience in launching a fun line of...
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How To Get Published
This workshop clarifies the difference between traditional and self-publishing and provides a clear, step-by-step guide to each for both fiction and non-fiction. It covers the pros and cons of both routes and explains how to avoid mistakes on the self-publishing side that can cost time, money,...
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Book Marketing
This session explains how to get a book into the hands of the right readers. Audience members will learn how to lay a foundation for a marketing campaign, build credibility and a fan base, and avoid mistakes that can cost time, money and readers. Based on the grassroots campaign that landed Maria...
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