Mandy Froehlich

Mandy Froehlich, Education Motivation, 21st Century Learning & Technology, Creativity in Education education, educators, 21st Century Technology Mandy Froehlich, Education Motivation, 21st Century Learning & Technology, Creativity in Education education, educators, 21st Century Technology
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Mandy Froehlich

Director of Innovation and Technology, Author of The Fire Within and Creator of The Hierarchy of Needs for Innovation & Divergent Thinking

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Appleton, Wisconsin
About Mandy Froehlich

Mandy Froehlich is currently a Director of Innovation and Technology and a Google for Education Certified Trainer, but has been involved in education in a variety of positions from teacher to technology integrator, and has also taught pre-service teachers educational technology at the higher education level. Mandy has presented across the United States at various conferences such as TIES, FETC and ISTE on technology integration, effective leadership, and building a culture and climate for ...

Mandy is absorbed with studying the world of education. She brings this passionate curiosity to studying how students learn and how teachers teach. Then, as an experienced and insightful speaker, she shares her educational and engaging stories with her audience. She has a propensity for this storytelling. It pulls her audience in by giving them practical insights. Her passion, experiences, and every-day narratives are crowd pleasers for all audiences.

Barry Haines Director of Technology - Parsippany Troy-Hills Township School District

Mandy Froehlich is a passionate, engaging and inspirational thought leader. When you hear Mandy speak, or read her blog posts, you immediately feel her energy and passion for education coming through. She is driven by doing what is best for students and invests herself wholeheartedly into every personal and professional interaction. Her positive energy and commitment to education and professional growth are impressive. She is innovative and insightful, and is a true educational leader.

Rachelle Dene Poth, JD, MSEd - Keystone Technology Innovator

Mandy Froehlich is a visionary educator that has made an impact on educators all around the world to inspire them to create meaningful change for their students by changing themselves. Her impact on many has been profound.

George Couros - Speaker, Consultant, Author - "Innovator's Mindset"

Her words pierce the heart of educators! She's relevant to the struggles and joys that educators face everyday and speaks out on what others are afraid to say. Mandy empowers us all to keep moving forward.

Jaime Donally Founder - ARVRinEDU, #GlobalMakerDay and the Hoonuit Learning Ambassador Program

Mandy's delivery is so natural to the point you feel she's having a conversation with you, even though you are sharing the room and listening experience with many others. Not only is she knowledgable of her subject matter, she seamlessly invites and engages you into the reflective processes, pulling in your own prior experiences.

Jarod Bormann, Technology Integration Specialist - Keystone Area Education Agency Author of Professionally Driven
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