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Case Study 1
European Logistics Provider - Differentiating Commodities

A large logistics provider with over 9,000 employees across Europe was seeking a way to increase organic growth in a heavily commoditized industry. The company was ranked number three in customer satisfaction, trailing market leaders.

The Project:

Strativity Group designed a complete customer experience strategy development program including:

Experience 360® - benchmarking the current experience
Experience Inventory - multiple touch points
Focus Groups – conducted sessions for employees and customers
Innovative Services Ideas – generating ideas for new services based on customer's unmet needs
Organizational Readiness – programs to support customer-centric organization design
Executive Training – creating alignment and acceptance

The Results:

Double digit satisfaction improvement
Organic growth – 40% in two years
Full organization alignment
Introduction of new innovative services

Case Study 2
CATIC - Express the Difference

CATIC, a title insurance company was facing the challenge of overcoming increasing service commoditization in their industry. They needed to reverse their declining attorney loyalty and gain market share from established national vendors.

The Project:

Strativity Group reinvigorated their brand by defining a strong value proposition and branding platform. Activities included:

Rebranding organization communications and signage
Conducting customer interviews
Conducting employee focus groups
Competitive assessment

The Results:

“Access To Success” – market positioning
New look and design
New ad campaign
Celebration kit
Employee launch
Sales training
New marketing collateral
New web site design and purpose –

Case Study 3
Airline Carrier - Customers Having No Choice

Airline carriers often become customers as much by default as by choice. When a commercial airline carrier purchases an aircraft, all service and logistical support are mandated by the company that manufacturers the components in the aircraft, giving the airline carrier limited options to select a product support system. As a result, the quality of customer service provided to the airline carrier is not always considered imperative by the manufacturer. The Challenge: The company was organized around its products rather than its customers Customer complaints were on the rise Customer service needed to become more customer-centric The Project: Experience 360® survey execution (customer and employee), analysis and recommendations Experience Inventory - multiple touch points Focus Groups – employees and customers Experience Guide – handbook for employees to guide them in creating great experiences at every customer touch point Evolve Training – customized interactive program designed to improve employee engagement in creating excellent customer experiences Action Plan – executional roadmap for reinventing the customer experience The Results: Service Delivery Model “Proud to be of Service” – theme Client had a 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores Smooth transition to a customer-centric model and change management The new customer service became a model for the rest of the organization

Customer-Centric Transformation – The Blueprint to Execution and Profitability

How do you transform your organization, people, processes, tools and culture into the new era of customer focus? Every organization is talking about customer centricity; very few organizations know how to lead this transformation. Welcome to the blueprint for customer-centric transformation.

From his extensive experience, Lior Arussy provides a disciplined methodology for a speedy transformation. Arussy’s blueprint has been successfully used in over 120 transformation projects. In this session, attendees learn:

• The multi-disciplinary blueprint for customer-centric transformation
• How to develop deeper insights into your customer’s needs
• Typical pitfalls you absolutely must avoid
• How to ignite the power of your employees to create the change

Arussy’s presentation transforms cynics into believers, aligns the organization, creates confidence and outlines the step by step approach required to get the transformation completed.

There are no more excuses. Now you can get started. This session is the first step.

Lior Arussy is a passionate professional who helps companies deliver exceptional experiences in everyday customer contacts. Named “Influential Leader” by CRM Magazine, Arussy is the Founder of Strativity Group, a consulting firm dedicated to customer centric transformation.

Exceptional or Nothing - The New Performance Standard

Lior Arussy conducted a multi-year study with 30,000 participants to determine the obstacles to excellence performance; he asked questions like: Do you aspire to deliver excellence? Do you believe you deliver it already? Do you know how to?

His book, Excellence Every Day (2009), reveals their answers. "Understanding excellence and how to deliver it is at the heart of the matter. We have been captivated by misconceptions and faulty logic that is encapsulated in what I call "The Excellence Myth." The myth presents a paradox: It is precisely the traditional definition of excellence that stops us from achieving our capacity for excellence. Instead of inspiring us to reach our full potential, The Excellence Myth debilitates us, permitting us to accept something less." (excerpted from Excellence Every Day)

In this interactive session participants will discover

• The reasons organizations fail to deliver excellence
• “The Excellence Myth”™ that stops organizations from reaching their highest level of performance
• How to redefine excellence and set a new performance standard
• The blueprint to personal, managerial and organizational excellence
• How to focus the organization on delivering excellence everyday in every activity

This presentation assists organizations to maximize performance of your most critical assets - your people.

Lior Arussy is a passionate professional who helps companies deliver exceptional experiences in everyday customer contacts. Named “Influential Leader” by CRM Magazine, Arussy is the Founder of Strativity Group, a consulting firm dedicated to customer centric transformation.

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