Linda Larsen

Linda Larsen

Comedienne & Motivational Speaker

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Sarasota, FL, United States
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Who I Am And How I Think I Got That Way

I finally figured it out!!! I now know why I am the way I am. It all has to do with Lucy. You know, the one we all love .

I can remember as a little girl watching Lucy on our little black & white television, thrilling to her crazy antics. My girlfriend Debbie and I didn't play "dolls", we played "Lucy & Ethel." And yes, of course, I WAS Lucy!

Do you suppose that this was why I decided to become a comedic actress when I grew up??? Well, that, and the ...

Linda is an energetic, witty, uplifting and inspiring speaker--the total package! She mingles with the crowd and they love her. We received rave reviews!

BBecky Garnett, Program Director - Midlands Technical Colleg

She is engaging from start to finish. She 'nailed' the topic with interesting examples and kept the audience laughing while providing lessons they could take back to work and use immediately.

Margaret Beck, SPHR Executive Director of Human Resources - State College of Florida

Your antics were side-splitting hilarious yet just as importantly, your message was meaningful and insightful. You are one talented presenter.

Sandra V. Pena, HR Director - Texas A&M Int'l University
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