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Linda Edgecombe, Life Balance Linda Edgecombe, Life Balance
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Linda Edgecombe

Accountability and Work/Life Balance Expert

About Linda Edgecombe

Linda Edgecombe, BPE. Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Humorist,
"Life Perspective Specialist"

Linda Edgecombe, CSP is an internationally renowned award-winning humorous speaker, trainer and consultant. She is a best selling author who energizes every room as she leads people to loosen up, lighten the load and laugh. Her audiences are motivated and shown how they can shift their perspectives on life, work and themselves. Change has never been this painless!


Linda Edgecombe has the uncanny ability to deliver a message that is timely, relevant, and engaging to a breadth of people within the organization. Speaking about the topic of change to an audience comprised of teachers, maintenance workers, custodial staff, teacher assistants, librarians, psychologists, and so on, is challenging. Linda turned this challenge into an opportunity. Her motivating and energetic approach to talking about change inspired a lot of people to reflect on their own lives, the lives of their family members, as well as co-workers and consider the long held beliefs that drive what they do. Her delivery is imbued with passion and humour. People in this organization still refer to her program many months later.

Cheryl Gilmore, Superintendent - School District 51

Linda's presentation was energetic, funny, down-to-earth, and amazingly inline with our attendees. It's humbling to be able to have someone with her knowledge and experience be able to give back to a group of high performers in such a way that makes them even more motivated to do what they do. She'd be a welcome guest at any time in the future.

Canadian Conference Chair - EO National Conference

Linda was the highlight of the day for me. She was the standout. She gave me something to think about in my everyday life at home as well as life at work. Great decision to get her!!

Concentra Financial
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