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Lee Jenkins, Ph.D. is a career educator having served as teacher, principal, school district superintendent and university department head. His writing and speaking are all created to solve the biggest problem in education: the lack of student motivation to learn. He approaches this from the perspective that children begin kindergarten already motivated and the job of educators is to maintain this motivation so learning accelerates. He then describes what is causing the loss of motivation and how ...

One of the best aspects of LtoJ is that it is a process and not a pre-packed program. This means teachers in PLC's can adjust the questions and the key concept lists. For example, we have built our math standards quizzes with input from state standards, our curriculum, MAPS and our experience. I cannot imagine teaching without LtoJ . Fortunately, our school district is very supportive of the process; but if they ever dropped their support I would continue with LtoJ anyway. Always thinking about learning,

Angela Willnerd - Linden Elementary School

We all know that success breeds success. Wow, is this ever evident with the LtoJ process! Students always know what they have learned, what's next and how to proceed. The progress of the class is an "open book," very visible for all to celebrate individually and as a team. The process is not limited to classroom growth. It is equally applied to students, grade levels, departments and even schools. Because administrators have key responsibilities with this process, the joy is equal for students, teachers and principals. As with most initiatives, administrative leadership is essential.

Barb Friesth - Educational Service Unit 7

Lee's process has the same level of engagement as many of the games that kids play. We know that if the loss of enthusiasm is ever reversed it will be because kids are engaged with impactful learning every year, Pre-K to 12. An opportunity awaits you and your colleagues

Bill Watkins, Superintendent - Marcola School District,

One of the major advantages of LtoJ, reported by teachers, is now helpful the graphs are for parent conferences. Parents see the evidence of learning. Also, when we have IEP's, the graphs play a very important part in our deliberations. The process keeps up focused all year. It is so easy to start off the school year with the best of intentions and then be overwhelmed with minutiae. With LtoJ we keep pushing forward even the last day of the school year.

Chris Crelia, Principal - Wilson Elementary School

Coming out of college as a first-year teacher you have no idea where to start. Lee Jenkins provides the road map all teachers, K-12, need to organize, teach and be successful. The process he teaches even preserves students' intrinsic motivation. The tools are equally powerful for students and teachers; they never fail. Even the most struggling students experience great success. Team spirit is greatly enhanced in the class as joy abounds in the unified atmosphere.

Codi Hrouda, Teacher - South Sioux City
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